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  1. In other words - no way it would come close to QT level. No matter which version of IOR is used. J/24 was around HT level and that is reflected in it's PHRF being similar to mid 70's HT The B25 PHRF of 138-150 (depending on region) would indicate somewhere close to 3/4T. Likely a bit slower than 3/4T, but well above HT.
  2. Quite similar to B. Perry's Union Jack. Particularly in the drawing style, which I suppose is not all that surprising. Below is the Tanton vs Perry comparison. Tanton has OB rudder and more topside flair. Headroom requirements were not that onerous in the QT class IIRC. Somewhere around 4+ ft - certainly under 5 ft.. Given the rather large freeboard of the 2 boats, it would be quite easy to meet the requirements with a flush or turtle deck.
  3. And now for something completely different... Whenever a phrase like that is used, I am reminded of the Ozzy Man video on Internet Arguments. Pretty much a word for word transcription of what all threads on PA (or anywhere) eventually devolve into.
  4. Apparently for the Whitbread where NZ Endeavour competed, there was an amendment to the IOR rule for the Whitbread that allowed them to fly Asymms for the first time. Or probably more correctly - allowed them to be rated with A-Sails. So that pointy bow was in effect a prod - although it looks like the tack was attached to a pole.
  5. To the best of my knowledge liveaboards have always been allowed at Heather. I don't know when it was built as I wasn't round here at the time, but my guess would be late 70's? Likely when the whole South False Creek area was developed. I was told by some others at the marina that it was a group of Liveaboarders who lobbied to either have the city construct the marina or (more likely) allocate a portion of the marina to the liveaboard community. But I was told that some 10 years ago when I had a boat there, so I can't recall the exact details.
  6. Agree about the bureaucrats, but disagree with much of the rest. In False Creek, there is Spruce Harbour Marina which I believe is the co-op you are referring to and it is indeed expensive to obtain a share and long waiting lists. But there is also Heather Civic, which has a portion set aside for liveaboards - I think it's around 30 slips or so. Long wait lists, but no shares to purchase and liveaboards are only charged a monthly moorage premium of less than $200. I note that this premium has increased a fair amount the past few years. While most marinas officially do not allo
  7. Musk is certainly not a majority share holder. That would typically require holding >50% of the voting shares However, it is possible he could be considered to have a controlling interest, which by some definitions can require as little as 10% - or a seat on a board of less than 10. Of course the media likes to use dumb down just about everything - so it's possible they redefined a controlling interest as a majority interest.
  8. That is nonsense. The only time it makes financial sense is if the proceeds of the loan are invested in the market. In the case of using the proceeds to buy a boat, a boat is generally a non-performing asset - it generates 0 percent return at best.
  9. I'd say - it depends. Used IOR warhorses and such - even ones with half decent interiors seem to have limited demand. Examples: A N/M 42 that looked to have a decent interior was listed at $16k. A couple of NY 36's under $16k. A couple of Farr 33's at under $10k About four Schock 35's have sold at under $15k over the past couple of years. Now mass market boats like Catalinas or boats considered "blue water" cruisers are likely a different story - but I don't pay much attention to those so I can't say for sure. What I do know is there isn't much on the
  10. Perhaps someday, but for now Godwin's Law rules internet discussions interlaced with a dash of Reductio ad Hitlerum.
  11. Peter Norlin. Yamaha 30-1: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/yamaha-30-1
  12. They did. IIRC, the 1/8 Ton class came first but was fairly quickly usurped by the Mini-Ton class. Pretty much the same thing actually and I don't know why they allowed 2 such similar classes to evolve and what the exact differences were. I think one was 16.0 ft IOR and the other was 16.5 ft. But other than that, I don't know.
  13. Any additional criteria other than that? If not, J/22 or J/80 fit the bill. But if you want something you can somewhat comfortably weekend, there is the Martin 242. Mainly found in BC and SoCal as an OD class, but I believe a smaller number of them reside on Lake Ontario. Quick on all points of sail and loves light air. https://www.boats.com/reviews/a-wolf-in-wolfs-clothing/
  14. I know tap likely isn't all that popular or practiced much today, but how many kidz can match the Nicholas Brothers who are acknowledged by most and Astaire himself as the greatest. Here is a clip from Stormy Weather that was done in one take, without strings or foam stairs. The most engaging parts begins at 2:20 when they start their dive bomb splits down the stairs. There's even a bit at the beginning with Cab Calloway who was no slouch himself - at least as an entertainer.
  15. Pretty much the same. His right to fly the Soviet flag is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  16. My impression at the time is that he was a "sneak aboard" and I doubt any nearby boats want to fuck around with a crazy Russian.
  17. An update on that item: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/vancouver-boat-owner-refuses-to-remove-soviet-union-flag-park-board-says-1.5824237 I kept my boat at Heather Civic Marina about 10 years ago and the owner in question (a younger Russian immigrant IIRC) kept his SJ 24 moored a few slips down from mine and he was flying the Hammer & Sickle even back then and the update mentions this. So this is nothing new or recent. Although I question his taste at the moment. Anyways in the update, it shows that owners of some nearby boats are now flying the Ukrainian flag. So the Soviet flagged v
  18. Most sections have a sponsor with ads. Nothing new - always been that way. J/Boat Anarchy is "brought to you by J/Boats" Fix It Anarchy is "brought to you by West Systems" etc. etc.
  19. Wondering if that is a Y. M. Tanton design. There was a boat in PNW that had a similar name - "Buckle Up" A Tanton 36. Similar stern sections but different looking cabin and I think may have had a less plumb bow. Below is Buckle Up sans stick.
  20. Why did you assume the characters name was spelled that way? Because he is black? His name is Tolkien, as in J.R.R. Just having some fun with you:
  21. This one is for SJB since he has mentioned the Ariel 48 numerous times in various threads. There is a hull & deck of an Ariel for sale on CL: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/boa/d/north-island-ariel-48-sailboat/7457354915.html Nice looking boat in an IOR style. Cockpit seems awfully short - but she was designed to be more of a cruiser. Impossible to justify at any price. I doubt any plans are available since Vlad passed away recently. An individual pondering finishing her off will likely never get the same price as a builder for materials and parts. But there i
  22. This is an archived thread about Zotl, a rather unusual craft Anyway, the boat is now for sale: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/boa/d/vancouver-character-wood-sailboat/7454760593.html At the time a poster complained about how ugly it was with the reverse sheer and rolled deck edge. There is also the "wave piercing bow" look to her. All these things kind of make her look somewhat au courant now. Actually, I used to think she was ugly as well, but I've kind of gotten used to seeing those design elements and now find her quite interesting. Kind of a cool lo
  23. We did end for end on a Peterson 35 with lazy sheets/guys and it had about 20% more foretriangle area than the Benny. In fact the entire local fleet of about a dozen P35s did it that way AFAIK. It wasn't until you got to about the 40 foot size that you saw dip poles.
  24. Cool boat - but even a quick IOR QT would get torched by most of the boats listed above. And much more spartan interior. I couldn't imagine weekending in that.
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