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  1. Sorry, Planning on disposing of boat tomorrow unless someone claims her. If claimed I can wait a few days for pickup but please be serious. thanks
  2. Yes that is my cell
  3. DMcKim was going to take the boat for a friend. But the friend decided he had to many projects. Sorry, but I need to get the boat out of the yard by the weekend.
  4. This boat is worth saving. It is a very early hull number and the construction is amazing. Strong but light. This boat is a British classic and Bob Hoare who is deceased is a very famous builder and champion. His FDs won gold. I think he raced also.
  5. I can forward more interior pictures if you need.
  6. Steam Flyer will you save her? Shes on trailer ready to go. Trailer has new wheels and bearings and is in great shape except no lights installed. Boat also has waterproof tailored cover. I may be able to tow her part way and meet you somewhere. Jeff
  7. Hi guys, The FD is a 1960 Bob Hoare #136. According to the previous owner she was the #2 backup boat for the USA in the 60 Olympics. I appreciate the interest. I do not have the expertise to do the work. I bought the boat in 2002 and it was a beauty. Got attention whereever it went. I got busy and it fell into disuse. It sat out in weather ( with tarp ) until I built a lean to over it. Now I am moving and have to clear it out. I hate to have to dump it as it’s a classic. The engineering and structure is impressive. As far as I can tell the structure is sound. The hull l
  8. Free 1952 Thistle 17’ ( hull 1079) With trailer, two masts, sails. The boat was last sailed two years ago as a day sailer. I have medical issues and no time to keep her up. I paid $2700 for the boat plus $500 for nicer sails. The boat has a nice tailored cover. the Trailer is in good condition. I have not been to the marina where she is dry stored in two years. I would imagine the boat needs cleaning, sanding and varnishing. Maybe some paint in spots. I am not going to renew my storage contract and would prefer to find her a good home rather than have her scrapped. The boat is in
  9. I have a 1960 Bob Hoar Flying Dutchman project boat with trailer. Also have mast, sails, rudder and most hardware. It all goes FREE to anyone who will restore her. I bought the boat in Ohio and it was a show stopper with beautiful ribbon cut mahogany veneers on the deck and a shiny varnished hull. I got busy with my job and family plus added a few pounds and the boat fell into disuse. The kids damaged the deck ( hole) and I started to do a restore by sanding the deck but ran out of time. The boat has a tailored cover and has been under a shed roof but the varnish is broken down
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