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  1. Renault have announced F1 Team Principal Cyril Abiteboul is leaving the company, ahead of the team’s relaunch as Alpine for this year. I can't say I'm particularly surprised. I don't truly believe Renaults woes have come from him but 4 years of mediocrity is a long time.
  2. -£40M or -$54M either way its a good deal for Mercedes Got to get all the cash now before the dumb salary caps come in. F1 is getting way too Americanized.
  3. I know this goes against the meritocracy of F1 but maybe they should give more practice time to the bottom of the grid. Extra 5 minutes per team per current championship standing. Doesn't sound a lot but may help bottom teams get a better set up and time on the circuit. Cheap and effective way to give the lower teams a leg up.
  4. Will Merc have it all their own way? Will Bottas once again be a limp dick? What about a Ferrari win?
  5. Moritaka 9.4" Carbon Steel. Not much good on a boat but in a kitchen it rules.
  6. You could always set a fleet rule that sails have to come from a certain manufacturer. That will slow the mini arms race.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/sailorgirlHQ/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARDGykDur-cDFKa91ycSYVMkxdO1mrxi1NzPnZF8siMOnhTlKzHHYBqB1xB03KvjJCxvHV8qj8dUwZ3K&hc_ref=ARQ5c_0hLW0LsFJWm9TX4l_1eh7ekTHJ0GP1y6Ps_eSNuXH6zN7mc76fqAw347kvXgM&__xts__[0]=68.ARBpYnfyj9bNxh_Uqg9a_QMVs8NiNTm7LnwUEoGBn5phoamCYIE3624yRDqAgOHqUo07ryTdKkbgS5EKmmguD2rKjg9N7Gf5LeXCedEP4iFuPwqvpK-8o03_7eBNJ7_QxidpQdk8XILn6M-3rZvtd_VnnG2dV-lYzP-6AMqeNnWUCa59DpJAR6uFkcDySjQ3RiS4L8losgVnJJ7nkEq_1Tx2GFUzL8UYKVDDgSw8dnqxIu_Fcqz3-gXvYlkibPd1HPyqiUqFUoYiGBvxCdd7e2EHwBq7tJ6_A9csgsUXkVSyFIn6ygbRwORhlENxIfrXF0zvxjkpY0NGCRtS-rSKOstzplD8jDc
  8. Perhaps you should buy a couple of the Dragon Force65's from radiosailing.net. I personally sail an IOM but the DF65 looks a cheap way to test the sport.
  9. That is a good series on Netflix. The absence of Mercedes and Ferrari is noticeable but the depth of the midfield stories is so much more because of it. The brutal honesty of the teams, drivers and producers was refreshing when it is hard to get past the polished image during the season. Also I always wondered about the radio transmissions that the F1 world feed puts up. Always late and not too frequent. Now you hear the swearing going on I can see how they have a hard time letting viewers hear the transmissions. Well done to Liberty Media getting this produced.
  10. William Storey was an F1 fan from a kid mesmorised by the JPS lotus livery. Probably a Brexiteer as well. Even their logo is stolen from the bike company Whyte USA. I hope Haas got the cash up front.
  11. Crew accommodation during a haul out is a valid and standard insurance expense. Owner is not and likely dock gossip.
  12. Every owner - Captain relationship is different. Some owners don't want to know, others such as Tony Buckingham are hands on. Damage to the yacht that involves an insurance claim will at the very least always be mentioned to the owner. Everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment of their property and if you park your boat in a marina you have every expectation that it will not be damaged by others. Remarks made here that it is 'just a kid' that did the damage overlook the onus on the Corageous Sailing Center's management to continuously assess risk. In fact risk assessment is part of the j
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