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  1. If you note we are fishing out of our team Protector,most guys keep away because they think that we are fish and game
  2. Thats the ticket, most are biting 100' down on a down rigger but this one hit on top fly lining
  3. 70# blue fin out of Santa Cruz
  4. Moore 24's 1-5 over all NelleBelle 6, as IMR said soft start slow build around Pittsburg peaked at @ 22-25kts. all-around a very nice sail and really fun day!
  5. I think it was 170 + on the PEGASUS N-20 cat
  6. Doing it on NELLE BELLE, Have won it OA on SUMMERTIME M-24 Proto and OCTAVIA SC-50 hope it's a good year on board ECLIPSE for a record south tower 21Hrs what a wild ride
  7. Thats Funny Jim, I think that some of the reasoning behind the keel are. 1 kelp -yes one could install a kelp cutter but that takes room in the already small salon , 2 frontal area= not the same as wetted surface this thing looks very slippery 3 as far as RM this thing is beamier and has fuller aft sections. I have the good fortune to sail on her for the Ditch Run so we will have plenty of time to talk about his decisions Mario.
  8. What a great day! we have lost so many great SC boat builders in the past but the list of silverbacks that did show was awesome!!! Mario.
  9. I may be mistaken but I think I saw a u-20 keel outside elkhorn composites give craig a call
  10. HAPPICH simichrome , nothing else could touch my dads harley PL.
  11. I have never had any problems, the keel is centered @ the front axel
  12. I have the same trailer for our J-100 i keep it forward that keeps the rudder safe in the back
  13. Sorry just figured out how to send pics
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