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  1. ok, but high level US college athletes in the revenue-producing and mainstream sports spend very little time studying and are basically quasi-professionals. while sailing is neither of these, the point is that if for example, a young aspiring olympian can get 20hrs a week on the water in her 49er FX as part of her college team, while getting free coaching etc that can help fill the gap...
  2. I don't totally disagree with that, coaching is huge, undoubtedly. I don't think there's a resource issue with the coaching either though, its there i just dont see the widespread motivation with this generation. I see very talented sailors at the top of basically all the olympic classes, the issue is depth, ie locals to train with (that goes hand in hand w/ coaching). The tier of sailors that are up and coming teams nipping at the heals of the top guys and gals seems much thinner these days. Theres not big North American fleets in most classes aside from lasers/radials. Solid sailors tha
  3. And i'll add one glaring, relevant omission from my above post-- the current olympic athletes in other sports that do go to college right out of high school are getting full-ride athletic scholarships 99% of the time, unlike college sailors that doesnt allow athletic scholarships...
  4. You might need to double check your math, big dog. If 20 American 29er sailors have the funding, im pretty sure thats a lot more than .5% of American 29er sailors. After 35 years in the sport im pretty sure that a pretty decent % of American sailors are filthy rich, another very large % are wealthy but not fuck you money, and another big chunk are upper middle class, etc. The kicker is, where do they spend their cash? Buying useless expensive Bachelors of Arts degrees from private colleges, ya know the kinds of schools that have sailing team? yes! that's it. I have spoken with se
  5. Its amazing what old Jeeps are selling for these days $$$. But if youre in the sticks, maybe you can find one being sold by someone who hasn't realized what the market is... Personally, after growing up w/ a series of Jeeps that all ran well and were fun, I splurged for a new 2014 Grand Cherokee w/ the EcoDiesel, and it was a HUGE mistake. Such a disaster to own / drive, and the dealer was a lying sack of shit at every junction. Once I got my settlement $, the thing was sold the next week. Fuck Jeep.
  6. Small, cheap drone would be a guaranteed hit. 20min of instruction and my 4 yo can fly ours (w some assistance of course).
  7. The rockets that are powered by water/air pressure might get the job done
  8. ...and thanks for posting it. That slip is probably at least $600-800 a month, so somebody is apparently paying to keep it there? crazy.
  9. The pic is dog shit, apologies. will get a better one
  10. She looks like she was once a mighty blue water voyager, but is falling into disrepair as it sits in the Middle River near the ICW in Fort Lauderdale. Anybody know the backstory? IMG_0207.HEIC
  11. Very sorry for your loss, FINS. Any very sorry to all Mr. Kahl's friends and family. Sounds like a truly great man and important figure in the history of the game w/ his yacht scoring. RIP. Fair Winds, M
  12. At least 1 graduated. Interesting though. Also interesting when you consider what the potential profile of the perpetrators is in the context of the sadistic allegations... But yeah, where is Scot "Sharon Green: Show us your tits!" Tempesta w/ his update to this story?!
  13. M@AYC


    No word or news on this from SA or the venerable editor Scot "Sharon Green: Show us your tits!" Tempesta? Shocking!
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