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  1. That looks like the old Nexus paddle. They were quite good cf most others similar to the Signet concept.
  2. Have a look at the Mesa 2 and 3. Possibly the best option in this space at present.
  3. If you have FB, I have been posting some of the 3 hourly WRF runs online. Looking light today. https://www.facebook.com/ExpeditionMarine
  4. Make sure you have the NKE feed mapped to boat zero. The No position fix warning appears if boat zero hasn't had a recent fix. The other boats are for tracking other boats, two boat testing, Americas Cup things etc.
  5. Maybe email me pictures of the connection page and also the raw data window.
  6. If it helps, the 15z WRF run has the sea breeze rather late today (it updates every 3 hours). For context, it seems to do about as well or even better than the NIWA model in sea breezes.
  7. If it helps, the 36 hour WRF is hopeful. This is what at least one of the teams is using. Being northeasterly, course A may be better. The high resolution 1/108 degree will be available this evening. Course A: Course C:
  8. Fwiw, the WRF has a nice sea breeze filling about 1500, but dying quickly after 1700. It does have a good track record in sea breeze situations, about as good as the Niwa model. This is for a point somewhere near the middle of A.
  9. Update for about the middle of the race area, directions now in true.
  10. It is just initialised with the GFS etc. every 3 hours. If the GFS is doing ok, it should do ok too. There should be an update from the 18z data in a few minutes The met office has gusts to 7km/hr at present. The WRF has 4.8/4.9 G 6.5kt https://www.metservice.com/weather-station-location/NZBNW/bean-rock
  11. bold (this is the thick black line) - MSLP green - temperature dash - 10m gusts the other two lines are 10 and 20m winds. The directions in the plot are in magnetic. Will put in true if I post an update as I believe they do all their numbers in true. Variation down here is about 20E.
  12. If it helps, I have WRF simulations of Auckland online at https://www.expeditionmarine.com/support/wrf/ https://expeditionmarine.com/grib/auckland009.grb Easily viewed in an unlicensed Expedition or any other grib viewer. Today, somewhere in course C: bold - MSLP green - temperature dash - 10m gusts the other two lines are 10 and 20m winds.
  13. Hitchhiker & LittleChay - I find the simple world chart with the orthographic project is far more useful for imagining the course one you get to the mid latitudes.
  14. For a once-off update, you could get a demo of Expedition and upload from there.
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