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  1. And here's another one. It says it's in Pueblo. https://pueblo.craigslist.org/boa/d/pueblo-catalina-250-with-trailer-and/7352772120.html https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/91987 Asking $19K.
  2. From the US Sailing Appeals Book: Rule 32.2, Shortening or Abandoning after the Start appeal 109—a race committee boat may be used as a starting line or finishing line mark at either end of the line. When the course is shortened at a rounding mark, that mark becomes a finishing mark, and is no longer a rounding mark. in the definition Finish, “from the course side” means from the side of the line where the boats sail from the mark that begins the last leg of the course to the finishing line. Case 129—When the course is shortened at a rounding mark, the mark becomes a finishing
  3. Nice story. An O'Day Outlaw was my introduction to crewing in sailboat races back in the mid 70's. And I've never looked back. Enjoy the boat.
  4. This was just posted seven minutes ago in Michigan from an exhausted nurse. She is responding to Michigan residents who want life to immediately go back to normal.  This from a nurse on the front lines. “I am posting, for once, about something other than my dog. I have seen 4 patients die, 5 get intubated, 2 re-intubated, witnessed family consent to make 2 more patients DNRs, sweat my butt off during CPR, titrated so many drips to no avail, watched vent settings increase to no avail. We are exhausted and at a total loss. All of this in two shifts in a row. Some of you
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