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  1. Ratings rule: FAUX News is using the one woman shit show to drive its ratings. The facts simply do not matter at FAUX
  2. Perspective: **281 more people died of COVID in the USA yesterday than the Lying Narcissist Loser told us wouid ever get infected. **100 of the world’s 195 countries have had fewer overall deaths for the entire pandemic than Donald John Trump’s incompetence and comparatively inept administrative response caused yesterday. Location Cases Recovered Deaths
  3. Whataboutism?? is that the best you've got?? If somebody has ever posted a bad thread, you are compelled to match it with pathetic shit of your own?? Just great!! You are going to be VERY busy. f
  4. Remember?? he told us: 15 people have it and they are sll getting better!! he also said “I always knew it was a pandemic” Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 31.2M 31,200,000 +64,338 +64,338 - 562K 562,000
  5. Yesterday and saw some new statistics about intentions to get vaccinated. 53% of Republicans and 26% of Democrats do not plan to ever get the shots. This is going to go on and on Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 31.1M 31,100,000 +81,769 +81,769 - 561K
  6. WTF reason did you have for quoting my post and adding this response??
  7. but...why is Easter only two days after good Friday??
  8. Thirty plus years ago... a bunch of drunks on the local yacht club Clubhouse front porch. Biggest Flame?? One of the caretakers won the night nobody singed anything
  9. And on it goes Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 31M 31,000,000 +81,303 +81,303 - 560K 560,000 +995
  10. Your comments above seem to ignore the rights of businessmen to establish contracts with unions. The contracts between unions and employers generally protect both the employer and the employees by helping to define how hiring and firing is accomplished. certainly you must EXPECT both parties in a contract to abide by the terms of the contract. if the employer broke the contract by failing to go through the agreed upon steps in advance of a termination, the employer, not the union, is the one who any reasonable person would find to be at fault.
  11. Why is twat waffle a pejorative?? don’t you like twats? Wouldn’t a waffle of twats be a good thing??
  12. What a stupid thread . Wish I hadn’t opened it
  13. And we are BAAAAAACK!!! Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 30.9M 30,900,000 +73,200 +73,200 - 559K 559,000 +2,564
  14. Well... you can pull your dolly less than ten k per day and easily be here next year.
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