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  1. As well they should be. Sailing is a very physical sport. Winners must not only sit all day but they have to drink beer
  2. Did I miss the part of the Gropenfuhrer’s speech where he bellowed endlessly about respecting the voting process and all those who dedicated their time to running polling places and carefully counting votes?? Did I miss the part where Gropenfurher reminded the crowd of his absolute demand for a peaceful and respectful protest? Did I miss the part where he said, if any one of you breaks a single kaw you c AC n EXPECT to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? ***** Certainly not!! Gropenfurher rallied his crowd to do EXACTLY as it did.
  3. Really?? I find excessive use of terms like helming to be an indicator of somebody who thinks it somehow makes him nautical. We take turns steering, holding the stick, driving, serving as the connection between the mainsheet and tiller, skippering, sitting in the back, taking us the wrong way, or, in context, “If you are so fucking smart, why don’t you take over and point the thing your way this race, Asshole?” but… in my circles, helming is rarely used to describe wagging the rudder.
  4. Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 34.6M 34,600,000 +109K +109,000 - 611K 611,000 +406
  5. Poor @Ventucky Red. After this thread His freshly torn new asshole will easily accommodate a freight train. the poor sap titled a thread and instead of support for his claim, his links provide the rebuttal.
  6. Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 34.5M 34,500,000 +88,696 +88,696 - 611K 611,000 +273
  7. Finally made it back to the sandwich shop. this is the photo. maybe I can get a better shot
  8. 15 people!!!! Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 34.4M 34,400,000 +22,472 +22,472 - 610K 610,000
  9. Prog is one of if not my favorite customer. We have done stuff to a bunch of his boats and it was his Olson 30 we sold and hauled to Halifax in 2009. ( maybe somebody can find and link the “texas Hillbillies drive Olson 30 to Halifax” thread. It was hilarious. ) He lives 225 miles north near Dallas. We generally meet at a hamburger joint called Health Camp in Waco and switch trailer hitches. #24 was the first J-22 in Austin and it was called Jr and campaigned by the J- boat dealer Rod Malone. it has a history of belonging to sailors who love to make the boat right.
  10. Yes…. But the thread is about Lasers and the knockoff ILCA and who might build toys for those of us who like to play Laser games. I will ask again. Who are these “still people?”
  11. Something tells me shipping chain isn’t cheap. We only stock: 1/4 hitest galvanized @$3.60 a foot and 1/4 proof coil galvanized for $2.90 I have zero knowledge about anybody else’s prices except I looked up West Marine’s prices whoever I marked mine. Mine was the same or lower that day
  12. We are just a tiny boat shop in the center of the desert called Texas.….…. Where recent winners of the J-24 and J-22 worlds just happened to have their underbodies worked over before those events. …..gonna have to buy myself a bigger hat
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