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  1. Perhaps you should answer your own question. What has the true Sky Fairy told you??
  2. There is a huge difference between physical activities with conned underage girls and looking at professionally created photos of well paid consenting adult models.
  3. The priority is adjusted by the fact two former White House residents, one of whom is campaigning to move back in, have been repeatedly described as likely participants in activities organized by the defendant.
  4. The True God is finally coming forth and speaking. Where better to do so than PA. “There are too many people. You are destroying the planet. It will take a while to get the numbers back down but it is time to start sincerely working on diminishing the population. For the short term the tools will be birth control, abortion, processed foods, COVID, high fructose corn syrup, and encouragement to have abortions.” ”Those who participate in the process of using sun snd moon driven energy sources will be given favorable survival consideration when the next population reducing pande
  5. With the approach of the Ivanka Variant, the Trump virus is expected to rebound nicely for sharing by New Years crowds Location Cases Deaths United States 48.1M 48,100,000 +216K +216,000 777K
  6. Jerry Garcia, despite spending all that time in crowded places with no social distancing, never contracted COVID.
  7. Moving it to Canada wouid be absurd!!! my best hope to get rid of it to a good home has always been somebody going to the factory to get a J-boat who takes my cradle back where they can reuse it. perhaps the factory would even give the person some money
  8. I have a bunch of nice jigs and make lots of tiller with them. This one is great for j-22, j-24, Catalina 25 and I forget what else but Karl’s has those wood cheeks that surround the stainless plates. I simply am not that interested in making an ultimate tiller. and He thought of it and I never would have thought of it
  9. Sheesh… four days and nobody bit on the straight line?? Note: googling “racks on sailboats” i have up trying to find a photo that was neither obscene nor god awful for other reasons. This was on about page ten ten of “bikinis on sailboat” … same problem
  10. I have a fantastic steel J-92 cradle in my yard. It has been sitting there for twenty years waiting for a guy like @bellumto show up with a trailer begging to buy it.
  11. Karl’s are the greatest. He told me many years ago,” I lose money on every one of them but they are so nice it’s worth it just to see the happy smiles.”
  12. Keep up the great work!!! The Thanksgiving sharing is amazing!!
  13. I thought COVID was over?!? There was a thread about that on PA
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