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  1. Good job bringing her home safely. An insurance company would write it off. The cost of rebuilding 2 beams from scratch to a standard that you would be confident enough to send your family out to sea on it, is ridiculous. Anything less than that makes the boat worthless. Your only chance is to find another written off F27 and use its beams
  2. Ian Farrier was very diligent about issuing bulletins on care and inspection of the structures of all his designs to avoid this sort of failure. Plywood boy has the archive and would let you have any relevant material if you ask him nicely!
  3. All deck gear positions are planned at design stage. High density foam inserts go in place of the standard grade core. Extra laminates inside and out
  4. That's a structural drawing. No point in using kevlar there
  5. So we use Kevlar because it is strong in tension? Carbon would always be better then?
  6. Why on the inside? My Catana has it all over the inside
  7. When building my powerboat with a 100hp outboard engine, I was told a tail of thieves cutting out the transom with chainsaws to get the engine off. I buried some layers of poorly wetted out kevlar uni into the layup of the top edge of the transom....... lets see what happens when some arse has a go at that with a chainsaw!
  8. Beach cats are designed to be light and low-windage which lends itself to flat trailering.
  9. Wow! that front beam is in the middle!
  10. FRAM is owned by Henny van Oortmarssen
  11. Cool. I started lofting plans for a D-class AC45 in the last lock down. Got onto something else instead though.
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