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  1. Scrap Aluminium sells for £1,500 a tonne ...................................................................
  2. exactly my point in post #4 of this thread 3 years ago .............. still nothing!
  3. The solo n15 looks like a great bit of kit
  4. You will have 2 tails on the mainsheet, you will have cleated the leeward one before the tack so, as you pull the windward on, the leewerad tail will exert equal tension - the car won't move
  5. Totally understand, the sheeting angles on a boomless sail are all over the place. How about this; https://www.harken.com/en/shop/27-mm-midrange/ and have your cleat out on the rear beam or coaming of the cockpit. Could even run it to a self-tailing winch [x2] on the back beam?
  6. That traveller set up sounds like a lot of effort. On the F85, i think that you get over the dig dump moments with good mainsheet control and co-ordination between mainsheet and traveller operatives. That traveller won't budge till the mainsheet is off! If you have a crewman easing the fine trim of the mainsheet, the skipper can operate the traveller and also have the coarse trim of the mainsheet to hand if needed. The danger is that, if you have too much purchase on the fine trim and not enough on the coarse trim - the loads are so much that the coarse trim can't be released. I thin
  7. the traveller won't move to windward so things will be 'normal' until you try and dump the traveller in a gust and it won't budge until the mainsheet is let off. This is why the MOD70 were falling over until they fitted a big red button to dump the mainsheet double quick
  8. When I built the F-32, I got 4 people round to help me fold it up for the first time. The thing almost folded itself! Very clever design Still can't figure out what is going on........
  9. Great that there was enough wind to get the Nacras up onto their foils. Thought they looked great.
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