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  1. Yes, worked pretty better than what was on the hull already. Antifouled over the lot now though.
  2. "My crew did lodge a protest after the race but the race officer ignored it and has not been addressed to this date." that's a bit concerning!
  3. I would say that the Inter20 was the first boat to be designed with a spinnaker in mind [Rather than retro fit]? or was it the very early F18s? The inter20 predated the inter 18 but maybe the dart Hawk was before the i20?
  4. Ah yes that lovely mainsail on the 6.0 ..........Like working on a chain gang!
  5. Sometimes boat spotting is more exciting than the racing. Seen a big gunboat and a Catana 471 What is the blue/green trimaran that I saw this morning?
  6. 6 Layers each side!!! Make yourself one with 2 layers of that biax each side and see if you can break it.
  7. They translate CC as saying the 'DEAD ZONE' which implies that there is not much going on there. A better translation is the 'ZONE OF DEATH' which implies that there is a lot going on there! I think he then says not to sail in the zone of death if you are powered up. Sail below it - then you can bear away if needed, or sail above it - so that you can luff up if needed.
  8. I bought my Catana after seeing the ad on that site!
  9. Why did they put the windward foil down for the 'head-up' at 2'45"?
  10. Fast boat to do the next Vendee surely?
  11. Yes, our spies will serve us well....release them!
  12. The front runners are all gybing to and fro and J LeC is 'Straight line, get some kip and put the kettle on'
  13. Get Ben helming from a little hatch infront of the mast like he was driving a battle tank. All this running around is bloody daft!
  14. Leeward runner didn't let go!
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