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  1. For me, and at least few other people on here who have cruised with performance oriented catamarans, that is simply not true. We also cared about sailing while cruising. In particular the ability to sail in light winds and not turn on the engines made a big difference to our enjoyment of the time we were moving between places. Not to say a Lagoon isn't a perfectly fine boat, I just would not enjoy it as much cruising as I would a more performance oriented cat with some light wind sails, though I would definitely take it in preference to a Bavaria which is another perfectly fine boat for many.
  2. Here's a thread from last year:
  3. Thanks. You are right on the serious disease rate. I went back to re-read the study and I was not right to say serious disease, I should have said cases - which I think are just detected infections. There are ongoing studies working out how effective they are at stopping infection that does not get detected as a case - presumably very mild or asymptomatic infections which may or may not cause transmission. Do not get me wrong I am very pro-vaccines, just concerned that we still need to be careful even if vaccinated as we do not yet have the evidence on the different vaccines ability to stop tr
  4. And the efficacy quoted was from studies of the ability of the vaccine to prevent serious disease, not to prevent infection or transmission. The numbers are only just coming in for the ability to prevent transmission and they are much lower. Which means the vaccines are very important for saving lives, and eventually reducing transmission, but you should not assume that because you are vaccinated you won't get COVID and pass it on to someone else.
  5. It's SWIFT, not Pos Dos. I checked as I know the owners of Por Dos. I never got a conclusive list of the differences, but I believe the R came from the factory with a taller mast. There's also an active groups.io (previously was on Yahoo) group of Catana owners and interested parties.
  6. That wire is designed to protect your mast. My understanding is you really do not want lightning flowing down through your carbon mast. The wire will only work if it is still connected to ground - usually keel for a metal keeled boat or a bronze plate on the outside of the hull. To work the wire needs to run fairly straight. Lightning is not against taking shortcuts. Lots of boats do not have a good lightning grounding system, but sounds like your boat does, assuming the mast wire and the ones from around the boat are connected to the water somewhere near the base of the mast. Of cou
  7. Maybe if they'd used more paper products in the construction they could have just had the front fall off, and then towed each part?
  8. So the assumption here is that I have some right to ask a boat not to approach because of my worry about their intentions? At sea? In another country's waters? What if they are just on their way somewhere and you are actually in their way? Let's reverse it and imagine how would that go if a foreign boat flew this hypothetical flag in US waters because they were worried about the intentions of what they perceived as a risky cigarette boat (after all we know all US boats have guns on board and have unlicensed yahoos as captains)? I don't think there is any good answer to this that gives the
  9. Keep the windex light, reuse the wire, and wire the windex light in parallel with the masthead light (assuming the wire is large enough for the combined load). You'll still want the Windex light unless the tri-color happens to light up the windex tabs as well.
  10. Another one to take a look at is the Spindrift from B&B Yacht designs. And Zonker, I don't think anyone would object to you posting a link here to your design. You add heaps of value with your posts. If you don't think you should post a link, could you post some google keywords that will help others find it? My search failed.
  11. This would appear to be correct for a Jaguar XJS, but probably not relevant for J109 sail boat?
  12. I was thinking of coffee mugs with a handle but I clearly misspoke by saying cup. This however has lead to the serendipitous discovery of an important corollary - coffee cups are the equivalent of spherical cows, but coffee mugs are the equivalent of donuts. I'm sure this will double the size of the grant we need to explore the topological aerodynamics properly. I'm liking that we have invented a whole (or should that be hole?) new field.
  13. Does that mean a coffee cup is just a lumpy donut? I must admit I still have some more study to do in the area of topology and cows.
  14. Of course if you'd done any recent formal physics you'd understand that topologically speaking the cow depicted is indistinguishable from a sphere - QED it is a spherical cow.
  15. Here is fine, but I'm still trying to work out why there weren't any vortices around the cow's ears? Maybe cows have inadvertently developed the answer to control surfaces for super sonic flight?
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