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  1. I mean, thread drift is practically a requirement here
  2. I appreciate all the advice! We are talking about a square stern canoe, set up for rowing with oars here, though. Not the paddling style usually used. Maybe I should be calling this a rowing scull, like a poster above mentioned! I will definitely have a go rowing from the stern and adding weight forward to keep the bow down, though, and investigate a small tracking rudder.
  3. The canoe (scull?) is apparently a custom interior but an otherwise standard clipper macsport 18, here's a profile. I'll take more pictures later today of mine, it's blowing a gale and pouring at the moment! No skeg fittings or anything like that, but close inspection of the stern shows a few holes in the transom, there must have been a rudder originally. I think I'd rather have too much tracking ability than too little, in general. I'll have a go at sitting in the rear position later today if the weather calms down and moving the water ballast to the front. Thanks to e
  4. I'll have a try at some weight redistribution! It'll probably look like even more weight in the stern honestly. Would a small rudder fixed straight fore and aft make a difference?
  5. Maybe I should replace the water jugs with beer kegs
  6. So I picked up a Kevlar rowing canoe the other day, the last owner had a stroke but apparently he took it to Alaska and back solo. I assume he used the front rowing station as that one is set up for sliding seat, but whenever I row in any wind at all, the stern wants to drift like a teenager with a cheap car. Any suggestions to keep it more stable? I've already got 2 25l Jerry cans filled in the rear rowing station.
  7. I can't quite seem to get the trick of the barefoot shimmy.... so it's a good thing I have those mast steps. I almost don't want to post this video, but here's the two clips I managed to get on the day I crossed Cape Caution, in hopefully decent quality this time. It seems so much tamer than it felt at the time, although I know I'm not too far off on my estimate of the winds, between the forecast and the fact that I managed to average a pretty decent speed, and never had anything g up except my smallest jib. Oh well, the cameras never show the waves as well as we would hope.
  8. Here's a bonus pic from Herriot Bay, Quadra Island, A very snazzy little outrigger canoe, using a old SUP board as the outrigger. Asked around but I couldn't find the owner, would have loved to see how it sailed.
  9. Climbed to near the top of Freja's mast, just to see if my harness works. https://youtube.com/shorts/gPWhrEjUhJA?feature=share I've got so much to do, including some unexpected expenses like the batteries (6x 6v golf cart bank, on it's last legs after ELEVEN years, which is good value for money for sure) and quite a bit of running rigging to replace. But I've got all winter, I suppose! Just wish I had something I could sail around the harbour once in a while.
  10. I might have missed it, but I don't think I've seen a thread yet for what will hopefully be a return to the PNW's best adventure race. R2AK 2022 Who's going? What's happening? Will the American government open the border so Canadians can participate? Put it all here. www.r2ak.com
  11. Old boat is listed for sale now, spending some time visiting with my Grandma in Nanaimo before I head back and start to move aboard the new one!
  12. Would make for an awesome place to hang a tree swing is what I'm thinking....
  13. Thank you. I'm thrilled, honestly, this was exactly what I was looking for and the price was more than right. Just need to sell the Ranger 29 now, and wait for the borders to reopen before I can start ranging (heh) further afield.
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