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  1. Managed to get the flange on after a lot of overdrilling the existing holes, bending the stud, losing my cool and whaling on the stud with a hammer, finding a die to fix the stud threads, and finally getting it on. Ran the engine for a while, no exhaust in cabin, torqued the nuts on the studs a little more..... and next time i ran it, exhaust again. Can't figure out where it's coming from now. Oh well, may just sail as is and not be able to go into the cabin when i've run the engine. Bit of a distraction for the last month, had a visit from my girlfriend! Back to our regularly sce
  2. I'll see what I can do for both bending the stud and overwriting the holes. Thanks for all the support, just having a hard time keeping up my stores of gumption
  3. I've been having a pretty shit day and could really use some advice. Finally attempted helicoil installation to replace that stripped hole, and on the advice on someone here replaced both the still working bolt and the stripped ones with studs. Red high heat locktited them in and then this morning when I went to install the gasket and the mixing elbow again.... discovered that I managed to get the helicoil-replaced stud off true to the point where I can't reinstall the exhaust flange. Must have not kept it perfectly level with my head in the cockpit locker upside down. Reall
  4. Well FUCK. The reason they wrapped exhaust tape and tried to spray foam around the exhaust flange out of the manifold wasn't because they didn't want to change the gasket, it's because the bottom exhaust flange bolt hole into the manifold is stripped. Goddamnit. Any suggestions? It still runs, I'd just have to stay out of the cabin to avoid gassing myself
  5. Problem ended up being a shitty gasket, so this was checked too. Nice and solid, re-install this afternoon! And I'll take a rain check on those rapids for now lmao
  6. Alright, Mainsail has battens and sets very nicely, sail track is in, reef point just needs a way to bring the grommets at the tack down to the little hook. What do you usually do? Been working on the Atomic 4, fixing a few things that a marina friend suggested. New belt on the alternator (old one was worn almost out) and loosening the mounts for the water pump, that belt was far too tight. But the big project is working on unwrapping the insulation around the mixing elbow: there's an exhaust leak somewhere in there, not big, but enough to cause my CO alarm to go off and reach 600+
  7. Spot on, that's a plan. Last main was fully battened so I should be able to cut them up. Also found some sail track! Guessing I'll be doing more drilling and tapping? Once again..... none of the holes line up lmao
  8. Well, checked the spare main and good lord does it set so much better. Now convinced that the other main is somehow problematic. Only problem now is I don't have the little battenlets for the leech on this one. Can I sail without them or is my leech going to flutter like it's a hurricane every time I sail without them
  9. Thanks for the tip on the sail track, I'll double check and make sure I get some measurements. Yeahhh..... my atomic 4 probably isn't the most reliable thing in existence. If there's nothing too special to see on the other side im going tool avoid skookumchuck. I do wonder if there's a good place to anchor and then take my dinghy or walk to see the rapids though!
  10. Well, I'm thoroughly scared of the rapid now. If there's not much to see I definitely won't be risking them any time soon. Track has been moved, new drilled and tapped holes were successful. Should have taken pictures during but was too stressed and concentrating to bother. Just need a foot long section of sail track now and we'll be good. I hoisted the main..... and even with a tight luff she still has some of the same wrinkles. Going to try my other main(very crinkly new and has little pockets for battenlets along the leech instead of this mains full battens). I
  11. Thank you, I'll do that. Definitely do not want to make any more holes than absolutely necessary in this mast
  12. Yeah I'm kinda think I'll leave that little adventure for once I have a bit more experience.... Also, never used a tap before! Probably need proper metal drill bits not my shitty wood ones.... and a tapping tool?Guessing there's YouTube videos around on how to do it but it's a little nervewracking.
  13. Moving down the gooseneck track is today's project. Think it'll be okay to re-tap the bottom hole and make new ones for the rest? That's a lotta holes in the mast..... Skookumchuck scares the shit outta me.....
  14. Thanks for the help. Got a lead on an extra section of sail track. Threads look good, but probably going to drill and tap new ones anyhow as the gooseneck track has bigger ones at the moment. Will move the pin to the top as well, thanks for the help there. Definitely moving the track instead of recutting the sail as I have a second very crispy main as well, cut to the original dimensions. ended up getting 60' of the high test 1/4 inch after all, based on what you've all said and some in person advice. (The bitter end in gibsons had it!), plus 250' of the 3-strand. Might be a bit ov
  15. Thank you for the info on the jib! The mainsail problem is a little more complicated: the track has been raised at some point in the past. Here's the current location: And the apparent old location... I couldn't fully tension the main or jib last time because the old halyards rope ends were massive, too big for the mast cleats. The new all rope smaller diameter ones mean I can at least get the jib, and likely the main as well up to the top. I'd really like to move that track for the boom gooseneck back down but im not sure if I can use the curre
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