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  1. Wife and I did Schouten to Eden in 39 hours, 2-up in our venerable 40' Vandestadt. It would be fair to say it was easy, but not fun
  2. Understood. I guess the change of centre of effort aft won't significantly change the weather / lee helm. We undertook a similar exercise in reverse on Insatiable. We had a tall rig, long boom with running backstays - great for racing with a crew of 9, but way too much sail area for cruising 2-up and runners a pain in the ass when short handed. We got a short hoist main for cruising (while retaining the full hoist racing main for when needed for fully crewed regatta racing), The cruising man was full foot on the boom but only 3/4 hoist, so we could tack and gybe inside the runners. This w
  3. The above isn't a strawman, that's an enormous pyramid of strawmen standing on top of other strawmen's shoulders, with a giant strawman on top.
  4. Sounds like a grand plan, and I hope it works for you (I suspect it will) I've just seen a lot of people who tried to change the boat they had into the boat they wanted, and that exercise (a) cost more than changing boats, and (b) didn't turn out how they thought it would (because, in many cases, changing that sort of stuff has unforeseen consequences). It sounds as though you are not "most people", so good luck to you!
  5. I've taken several trips in the last couple months exploring some of the far flung corners of Tasmania. In each instance, the campsites where we stayed and the cafes and restaurants we visited seemed reasonably full, and the operators I spoke to all reported usual or better occupancy for the time of year, but with more Tasmanians, more Interstaters and no Overseas visitors I don't see the point of the exercise
  6. I know the above wasn't specifically directed at me, but fwiw my dislike of ScoMo has nothing to do with what Mr. Porter may or may not have done... Giving Porter the benefit of the doubt based on the idea innocent until proven guilty is how we do it, and rightly so, but I do think that the recent events have highlighted that the process of investigating (or, more accurately, not investigating) such claims is flawed to an unacceptable extent and seems, deliberately or not, to favour the person in the position of power. And it does cut both ways. If you want people to stop with the pitchfo
  7. WTF is going on? I'm agreeing with LB twice in the same day! All of that notwithstanding, do you think they have a secretvote to decide who is the most unelectable person they've got and make him (or her) leader?
  8. Abandoned for the day, sigh Still, means more fun tomorrow...
  9. What was it Gary Player famously said? The more I practise the luckier I get...
  10. Far be it from me to agree with LB, but frankly if they can't beat the cockwomble that is ScoMo and his mob, they certainly need to take a long, hard look at themselves. Does a "leader" (sic) get any more unmemorable than Albo? Seriously, I've had more interesting bowel movements. If they were slightly less retarded they'd make Wong leader and romp it in at a canter
  11. Sadly, he'll most likely be re-elected next time, egregious shit-stain that he is notwithstanding
  12. This may have been said already... If I wanted a longer boom and more sail area, I'd sell the boat and buy one with a longer boom and more sail area. Ymmv
  13. Personally, I don't take quite such a polarised view on what one should or should not do with old race boats. I've done my fair share of both racing and cruising, on old IOR 1-tonners mostly. The issue, for me, is that unmodified, they need a lot of crew, strong crew, crew who know what they are doing... I've sailed for years on 3 different 1 tonners, all of which needed 9 crew in order to get them up around their polars. When these old warhorses get a little long in the tooth and shiny, new, faster, more glamorous boats come along, it becomes progressively harder to put these big p
  14. I'm sure all the tourism businesses down the Huon, or indeed further south are thrilled to bits
  15. I'd be happy if the government stopped trying to buy popularity by printing money. Quantitative Easing is not without consequence and is essentially mortgaging our children's future against scomo's mob's re-election prospects. The small tourism business operators that I know are doing ok.... maybe not booming, but not busting either. Sorry if that isn't a very popular opinion.
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