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  1. Could you not put the autopilot on and have someone point it the right way and then get into a dinghy about a mile short of the border and go home ?
  2. I got moderna, 1st one I was fine until the evening the following day, 30 hrs after . Everything I heard is that the second one is worse and given I had reacted to the first I wasn't looking forward to it. Got shot two in the am, went about my business and started to feel rough late afternoon, I went to bed expecting a shitty night and following day... Nope felt great in the morning. The first one made me feel worse.
  3. The racing scene is pretty weak, hack level PHRF, some sunfish, not a whole lot. Hot as hell in the summer, awful bugs, apart from that, pretty good spot.
  4. Very impressed by Koji, who honestly thought he was going to finish looking at his mainsail repairs so soon after the start.
  5. Boom, no biggie then, case closed unless you all want to talk about it some more !
  6. Alright, follow up questions / suggestions, clarification. I buy well used cars in cash, lets say semi beaters. It's not really a question of choosing AWD or not, more like this is what's available locally at the right price, if the right deal come along but it's only 2WD I don't want to ignore that option. So the worst case is getting a 2WD car which fits the bill in every way, but turns out that it can't cope with the slippy boat ramp. Why can't I park halfway down on the dry bit, chock the car wheels, adapt a 12V winch so It mounts in the receiver hitch and pull the boat to
  7. Probably exactly what I need and would be perfect, why do they have to be so ugly !
  8. I think it's fair to assume, that 2wd means front drive in a car. I don't think there are many rwd wagons. I don't seem to have much tongue weight so hopefully it's not going to lift the front too much.
  9. I think its' time for a new used car. Boat is about 1700 lbs inc trailer. I only tow a few fairly flat miles, no need to go over over 45mph. Ramps are tidal, so slimy on the surface but have quite good grooves cut into them. I have launched with a fwd mini van before, it was fine except one time I stopped and got out and it slid back about three inches ( probably just digging in through the top layer of muck ). But it was in P with the ebrake on, so surely how many driving wheels it had wouldn't matter I currently an AWD wagon which is flirting with the junk yard. I am sad to say I don't
  10. I would speculate that there is more sponsor return in making a big deal about a new boat with unveiling and launching etc, using the same old boat probably isn't as sexy
  11. Thanks, order placed and promptly delivered, about to try for a harder to find part !
  12. That's what seems like, I printed the relevant part of the osr for cat zero, seems that you need one as one throwable has to be permanently bouyant, not inflatable. Specs as I understand are, 90n of bouyancy. Must have reflective tape, must have boat name. Whether or not it has to have lights, drogues and a line appears to depend on what else is hanging off the stern.
  13. Thanks, that was what I needed.
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