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  1. Throwing this never built Chuck Paine design, EXPANNIE, into the conversation. Chuck has always been one of my favorite designers, and I grew up cruising the Maine coast one week at a time on a chartered LINDA with the unfortunate name. https://www.chuckpaine.com/boats/36-offshore-voyager-expannie/ I might add a MFD chart plotter as I have come to appreciate the convenience, but not much else to be changed.
  2. Hi there, Im reading your sail dilemma.  Tri radial will hold its shape longer.  Materials are basically whatever your budget can stand.   I work for Quantum. If you need any help or advise let me know.   Some important things to think of are where are you located, and how long do you want to sail to last, how large of a wind range do you need, and who you feel comfortable with when ordering a sail?

    Enjoy,  Zane



      Thank you. Sorry for the late response, I am not super familiar with the messaging on this forum.

      I have been speaking with Joe Cooper at Quantum in Middleton, RI. He has been very helpful and responsive in helping me work through the education process and frankly is in pole position to get the work. As a fellow Quantum person, you should be happy to know he is the only guy I am speaking with (UK, North, Z Sails) who is not offering up unsolicited discounts.

  3. He did a keel and rudder for a DP 38 I used to race on in the late 90’s early 00’s. Not a classic, but he did a very nice job and meaningfully improved the performance and especially downwind handling of the boat.
  4. Bob & Rasputin, that is one beautiful design. It makes me wonder, as an owner of Hinckley Sou’wester 51’ what the company is doing with its current sail program. Part of me thinks the SW 53 was only designed to make sailors appreciate how much worse the B50 could have been for people that actually intend to sail and race their boats offshore (even if just delivering from WLIS to Penobscot Bay). $1.5 million in today’s dollars seams like a fair price for this boat if constructed to a high standard. My only changes / modifications might be addition of good midship sea berths, poten
  5. Jim Teeters at ORA Rating Services. The ORA is investing a lot in improving handicapping of distance events. For this to work they need to have polars for as many boats as possible. So, they will run a custom set of polars for you if they do not have them for your boat already. Their is a cost for it, but it is too low for me to remember what it was. Our boat is a McCurdy & Rhodes yawl, so not off the shelf. It also has a centerboard, which Jim went out of his way to consider. Results are never perfect, but it was a good starting point. Once you have them in Expedition you can st
  6. As a fellow cyclist I have to disagree. First off, power meters in cycling are used much the same way high end electronics packages are used in racing. Through rigorous training and testing a cyclist and his or her coach know what kind of effort they are capable of producing over a certain period of time. The PM then let’s the cyclist know who he or she is performing vs. his or her optimal, just as well tested polars with well calibrated instruments let the crew know how well they are performing vs. their potential. At the end of the day, it is the engine, or the riders heart, lungs, aero
  7. I am considering updating my cruising inventory for a 51' medium displacement yawl. The original sails are going on 15 years old, although the previous owner did not use the boat for 7 years during this time. They are Radian NorDac. The cruising genoa will be a dedicated cruising sail, and a work horse intended to cover a large window of AWS as when I am cruising it is always short handed with my family, and on the water sail changes, while possible, are impractical. The boat is a McCurdy and Rhodes design centerboard design with large overlapping foresails which act as the primary engine
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