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  1. Indeed, ". . . in and around" any coastal town . . .
  2. Er . . . I think it's 360 degrees -- as in, sort of a circle?
  3. If you haven't read it yet, Hal Roth's recovery of WHISPER from a grounding near Cape Horn was quite an achievement -- detailed in "Two Against Cape Horn".
  4. Hope Terrorist will weather the latest hurricane (Hanna) safely?
  5. What's the trough in the foredeck for? Does the spinnaker pole nest there? (Looks like a lotta work went into THAT restoration!)
  6. Beautiful job, however!
  7. I've wondered what Bob thinks, from a design perspective, of the Kettenburg boats. (There's something that just seems "right" about the cabin proportions & coachroof crowns of the Kettenburg-designed boats.)
  8. Maybe ease the vang (and maybe the outhaul) and more main halyard tension?
  9. "Dude! Off the STERN -- we can use the extra thrust!"
  10. There's one lying neglected in Port Ludlow. Can't remember the name (mythology-themed, iirc). White boat, w/blue accents (again, iirc). (I'll probably be there again this summer -- I'll check then.)
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