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  1. Any luck? I’m in the same boat..or not!?!
  2. Thinking of entering ph mac this summer. Did a sas years ago. Just wondering... do you need to do a book report on the 8 articles to qualify?
  3. Also I'm trying to sell this j 35 project to a partner...any pics of nice cabin interior shots of pimped out j35's would be helpful. I've seen the you tube video of the Puerto Rican J that the guy fitted out for family cruising....nice. Someone posted on another thread how they were sailing their j35 non OD on Lake Huron ...pics would be helpful
  4. Hello all, looking to buy a 1983 j 35 out of Muskegon, "Hot Ticket" ... Boat has goods, faired rudder and keel, newer rudder bearings, newer rig, and looking over boat, no soft spots on deck.....bads, fuel tank leak, and a weep along the lead/fiberglass seam on keel. Too cold now for survey... Any thoughts out there on issues going forward with a boat sitting on the hard with mast stepped for at least 3 years...other than obvious (to me) of core rot, all new running rigging and possible engine issues? I am intending to use boat as a day sailer but if fitting out allows I intend to do the PH
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