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  1. Ignore the water intrusion issue. It's the simple in mast furling shit show that will fuck you at some point...
  2. It's my understanding the DIOs report names more than one person. That's why the WS decision from Dec names "Brady and others"
  3. Well, if an anonymous person on SA is sure there was no cheating then that's good enough for me! Or you can look at facts and read the independent investigators report if world sailing ever releases it so you can draw your own conclusions.
  4. Kinda doubt that if the DIO Report was public or at least allowed as evidence... Why won't World Sailing release at least the summary? Because Gavin and Karl are threatening a lawsuit on WS if they make the report public. What's the old saying, "If you are not guilty than why hide the facts?" It is a mockery of our sport that people can cheat and then use threats to keep from getting the light shown on them.
  5. It's an honest days work normally, but pretty lucrative if you have a flexible tape I reckon!
  6. ACFrOgAk2lhMWtz62QR6sBbr91yvD-2P3q94eCoOdVBHnyzYbmQQGbj2EeCnroME47cuZQVEdRwz-HMf-YDUy5n1YuWFSFbt1AiIzENmwudvy4QIA818ySZ-8Xq9sHs3j6VJk1z3pmziteIVNFVY.pdf
  7. Doesn't mean he wasn't right...
  8. What happened to the thread on Gavin facing a ban? Did the new Forum eat it? Something more nefarious? Gavin hired Russian Bots to attack the SA Servers? Now a new story on the FP (wherever that is). Seems like the full story has yet to be written. I for one wanna see the DIO report. david.graham@sailing.org should release it
  9. Don't skip this stop. One of my favorite spots and ideal for a boat like the s2. Another hidden gem on the path less traveled is San benito outside cedros. Super remote, but kinda magic. Pretty far offshore for your boat, but if the weather dictates, it's good to have options
  10. Heard on ch16 they had steering system issues.
  11. Nailed my sentiments exactly. Well stated
  12. Some would (headstay, runners, mast jack) others not so much (jib sheet, vang, non-existent perm backstay)
  13. All of the manufacturer seem to have good and bad spells. It does help to look at the details and fit before buying. I have a complete mishmash of gear colors/ brands and couldn't care less. Just wanna stay warm and dry when I'm wearing it. This is racing not New York fashion week.
  14. Or just call andy pimental at jibetech in rhode island. He likely has one in stock...
  15. Nzl32/38 likely hold that record pretty handily...
  16. Dude, we won the sb-king harbor race overall like 2 years ago on scots ft10!
  17. Yup, ensign on the pole at transom with a burger on the spreader. We alternate between an american flag, bear republic (cali state flag), couple signal pennants, and a random flamingo driving a pickup truck flag on the flag pole off the front of the house (which I fashioned from a batten from windward passage). Like to cover all bases. Nothing wrong with being proud to be an american. I have raced for my country. It isn't perfect, but neither am I. Rtb, how are you man? It's been a very long time! Still in I de hoe? Shoot me a pm and we can commiserate on the idiocrac
  18. The lite skins absolutely seem to add longevity, but at a weight and performance penalty. Sorry there is no free lunch!
  19. Thread drift time. Post a pic of an ugly Schumacher design. Bet you cant
  20. Have a 142 and a 108. Use the 108 almost exclusively. A lot depends on track locations. Also, for a dedicated offshore sail, clew height is important. Talk through use case with your sailmaker
  21. At the other end of the spectrum, does stored power in model yachting mean it is not sailing?
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