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  1. I’m a liveaboard at Jabin’s. If you need a hand setting up just come see me at slip B 14 on Blue Jay. -Hugh
  2. I'll be leaving from Annapolis in October. Crew needed. -Hugh
  3. I want to replace a leaking hatch on my boat since there are no replacement parts available for the hatches currently installed. The closest hatch I found is 1/4" larger than the old hatch opening. This means I need to trim an 1/8" off all sides of the opening down to 1&1/4" . Any suggestions on the best way to go about this? thanks, Hugh
  4. Does anyone know what model of Bowmar port lights were installed on the j/34c ? All my port lights are leaking and I’m trying to source new gaskets. thanks, Hugh
  5. A picture of the mothership from my dinghy at sunset in the Dry Tortugas.
  6. It’s a J/34c. Harumph. Good to meet everyone and getting the chance to try out the UFO. -Hugh
  7. You’re a man of many talents. What material are you using on your cushions?
  8. I think the black AF with the grey boot stripe looks good.
  9. No pictures of him going by the battleship. I was at the Carolina Beach State Park Marina and just went to Wilmington to take a break from boat projects. There was a large freighter coming into port as we were heading out though.
  10. I had no idea I was talking to a legend when I saw them at the the dock in Wilmington. We also headed out of Southport at the same time.
  11. A couple F-15s where using me as target practice when I was on the ICW. The first dozen times the flew directly overhead it was pretty cool. The next few dozen times it was just annoying.
  12. After spending a few weeks going down the ICW from Annapolis to Southport NC. I headed outside. It was so relaxing in comparison. Like most newbies I was afraid to leave the security of the ICW but going outside was a piece of cake compared to constantly trying to navigate a narrow channel and I wont even mention how many times I ran aground in the ICW. And unlike sailing in the Chesapeake you aren't constantly dodging crap pots.
  13. When I'm done cruising I plan to get a single wide in the desert and a still.
  14. I'm on my first trip south and I would like to do some racing this winter if possible. Preferably more distance oriented than around the cans. I'm a newbie only having gotten my boat 3 months ago so I want to avoid situations where lots of boats try to occupy the same space at the same time. I want to race both for the social aspects and to hopefully become a better sailor. I'm single handing and would also be interested in being coached if possible. I'm sailing a J/34c. I'm currently in Vero Beach. If you know of any regattas that are being held in South Florida over the next few months
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