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  1. A picture of the mothership from my dinghy at sunset in the Dry Tortugas.
  2. It’s a J/34c. Harumph. Good to meet everyone and getting the chance to try out the UFO. -Hugh
  3. You’re a man of many talents. What material are you using on your cushions?
  4. I think the black AF with the grey boot stripe looks good.
  5. No pictures of him going by the battleship. I was at the Carolina Beach State Park Marina and just went to Wilmington to take a break from boat projects. There was a large freighter coming into port as we were heading out though.
  6. I had no idea I was talking to a legend when I saw them at the the dock in Wilmington. We also headed out of Southport at the same time.
  7. A couple F-15s where using me as target practice when I was on the ICW. The first dozen times the flew directly overhead it was pretty cool. The next few dozen times it was just annoying.
  8. After spending a few weeks going down the ICW from Annapolis to Southport NC. I headed outside. It was so relaxing in comparison. Like most newbies I was afraid to leave the security of the ICW but going outside was a piece of cake compared to constantly trying to navigate a narrow channel and I wont even mention how many times I ran aground in the ICW. And unlike sailing in the Chesapeake you aren't constantly dodging crap pots.
  9. When I'm done cruising I plan to get a single wide in the desert and a still.
  10. I'm on my first trip south and I would like to do some racing this winter if possible. Preferably more distance oriented than around the cans. I'm a newbie only having gotten my boat 3 months ago so I want to avoid situations where lots of boats try to occupy the same space at the same time. I want to race both for the social aspects and to hopefully become a better sailor. I'm single handing and would also be interested in being coached if possible. I'm sailing a J/34c. I'm currently in Vero Beach. If you know of any regattas that are being held in South Florida over the next few months
  11. Thanks, I think i got the anchor properly positioned on the roller now. The port side of the "sprit" was bent in previously and I wasn't able to seat the anchor. I'd like to add a pin as insurance to keep the anchor secured but it doesn't seem possible. It seems very secure now though.
  12. Hi all, I recently purchased a 89 j/34c and have a question about the setup of the anchor roller. It appears that the "sprit" fort the anchor was damaged at some point. My question is the roller in the right place or should it be moved to the most forward position? If it is in the right place anyone know what went forward orginally or if the roller should be moved forward what was in it's current location. This is my first big boat so I'm sure I got a lot of the terms wrong. thanks, Hugh
  13. Stupid newb question, couldn't you just anchor near the mooring ball ? Is it illegal or are you just worried about getting tangled up?
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