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  1. Guess they are going to leave her boat afloat drifting around like the other boats?
  2. Hope for a speedy rescue. Also hope we hear from her again, both her story from this race and some other sailing event down the road. This race is a train wreck in slow motion.
  3. 8.4 knots. I don't know how he patched it up but he seems confident in that mast.
  4. No doubt. RKJ employed string, copper strips, bolts, bits and such to keep his craft from sinking. Pretty amazing. '68 boats ended at a2/9 chance of getting around (had BM decided to finish). I have to question whether the odds are even that high with these boats. They are soon to be a long way from anywhere. I don't like playing the pessimist, but it seems it could get ugly.
  5. Really have to question this race continuing. These boats clearly aren't up to the task. Hoping no one gets killed.
  6. Susie seems to be headed in the wrong direction- Hoping it's nothing serious.
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