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  1. Update from this discussion earlier in the year: Wife not enthusiastic about the pilothouse options- would prefer wind-in-the-hair sailing. Few of these options available, especially in this area. We were keen to get a more comfortable boat sooner rather than later (we are ageing fast), so didn't want to spend a lot of time looking. There were a couple of details we moved up the priority list during the summer- one being a good "swim platform" to help getting dogs and auld knees aboard. We went along to the Southampton boat show last weekend to see what a new boat
  2. The neighbours that forced Leo to move away from Raoul and Darlene have gone down in my estimation. Cheers, W.
  3. I'm thinking you haven't been there but don't like to assume. How do you propose persuading the Falklanders that they should stop being British? There was a vote in 2013 (under international observation) and only three of them voted against continuing as an overseas territory. Should Britain cut them off? That's what led to the 1982 war. If you want the Islands to be liberated from the cosh of British rule then you have the wrong target, you need to persuade the Argentinians that they should provide security, support trade and uphold the islanders rights to self determinatio
  4. There's not much to report from where I am... News is heavily covid focussed and there's nothing much happening politically: Scotland has voted for a future referendum but no-one really wants it right now, England is a one-party state, Wales is marking time and NI is simmering... Everyone is busy keeping calm and carrying on... waiting to see how Covid, Brexit, the Environmental Crisis and the economic recovery, or lack of it, pan out... Things may blow up any time but probably won't... unless something upsets the apple cart then it'll be a year or two before people take stock and
  5. Interesting discussion... my take from experience at sailing centres in the UK: Wayfarer- best all round cruising dinghy but not great for rowing: wide and quite heavy. Takes a small outboard pretty well. CL16- not seen one but if it's heavier than a proper Wayfarer then it's not going to sail as well; still likely to be better than most alternatives, though, unless you're rowing... Enterprise- could be cruised but not a cruising dinghy. Light and agile. Don't think there are design features to make it easy to row or motor, as it was intended as a racer. GP14- General P
  6. Hi again, Update on this- hopefully the last! :-) When I hauled-out for the winter I took the furler off so that I could work on the swivels. The top cap had come adrift and was pretty beaten up, and I noticed some odd bits of stray material at the top of the forestay- I was concerned that this might be fraying wire but then we went back into covid lockdown and investigation stopped. I asked about halyard restrainers (up-thread) and ordered the Facnor one, since I needed to replace the top cap, anyway. This was straightforward through Uppfront- thanks to cpt_
  7. We're not taking ice floes (well, except for the guys that went down the "expedition yacht" rabbithole). We're talking distilleries, sea lochs, Irish Atlantic coast and remote Scottish Islands with harbours, restaurants, pubs... a North Sea crossing to Norwegian fjords, the Swedish Atlantic coast, the Baltic: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland... many of these places have the interesting sights on the coast... maybe even Iceland... ...and not sweating yourself dry and getting your skin flayed by the sun whenever you are outdoors. Cheers, W.
  8. Now THIS is what I was looking for! I haven't found details of the interior layouts, yet, but that looks like what I want. Thanks, Matagi. Cheers, W.
  9. Yeah, interesting boat: I don't think it's for me, though: the rig makes me nervous (anything unusual is usually expensive) and I'm finding the internal helm confusing... is this one of those setups where you use an autohelm remote to steer? Again, interesting (and probably closer to what I have in mind)... what's with that Genny, though... it looks like a beast for a shorthanded boat! Definitely worth keeping an eye out for one of these, though, thanks. That's very helpful, Bob, much appreciated. I was concerned that I was reading too much into the figure but it sounds like i
  10. Can you justify your claim that the above is a fact? I would have said that the centre of attention was the athletics arena but if I'm wrong then I'm open to correction. Cheers, W.
  11. It would pull a lot of grassroots funding, coaching and learning opportunities out from the sport. I get that it's broken in the USA. but that doesn't mean it's broken everywhere. Maybe it would be better to fix it in the US, rather than just dumping on the event? Cheers, W.
  12. Sadly not... I'll keep my eyes open but they seem thin on the ground on this side of the Atlantic. The LM motor-sailors look more plentiful, though getting long in the tooth, now, as it seems they stopped making them a while back. I'm looking into the other suggestions, though my initial narrowminded prejudice is making me think they are more motor-sailor than ideal: I think that what I am looking for is more of a sailing yacht with an integrated shelter than a full-on motor-sailor... The Sirius ChrisJD posted looks wonderful but I doubt I can stretch to it... I see there are som
  13. Think there was a thread along these lines fairly recently but I can't find it- if someone can point me back at it then thanks! Otherwise... I'm thinking on & off about The Next Boat, as one does, and looking at the possibility of some north Atlantic cruising- north-west Scotland, Norway, Baltic, Iceland and archipelagos in-between. Will probably never happen but hey, I can dream. So, with that in mind I've been looking for reasonably comfortable boats for cold-water sailing (hence the pilothouse thinking), preferably small enough to be handled by retirees without electrical ass
  14. No, that's not what he said. As an aside, it seems ironic that the few (I'm approximating, it may only have been one) people I met that actually supported Brexit mostly cited farm subsidies and fishing as their reasons for doing so. oops. Cheers, W.
  15. You are trying to apply Logic to an insurer that makes decisions based on Actuarial Science... they are different branches of mathematics :-) The problem with describing anything as "dangerous" is that it's a pretty useless term- "able or likely to cause death or injury"... everything is able to cause death or injury. What's "likely"? More than fifty percent of the time? Every time you go? Every year? Everywhere? If you don't know what you are doing you can hurt yourself- if that's a useful definition of dangerous, then yes, sailing is dangerous. If you do know what you are doing
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