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  1. I reckon you're just trolling but WTF, I'll bite :-) It's barely started. Impact is only just starting to show. Lots of work still to do. Think we should wait until at least May 10th, possibly July 12th, before we start counting chickens. Those who want to pretend Brexit is done & dusted are the liars and fools that want to hide the truth. Expect lots of "look at the damage that the pandemic has caused" from those desperate to bury mistakes. How long before we see a resurgence of facism in England? Look out for groundwork like extending protection for police misd
  2. Those boats offend my eye :-( . I thought it might be the angle so had a quick look for alternative views but that confirmed my irrational prejudice. They are even ugly on the inside... so you don't get the "I'm aboard looking out at the pretty boats" perspective. Ah well, it matters not what I think. Cheers, W.
  3. This looks like a very nice boat: https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/hallberg-rassy-38-for-sale/657514 ..but those decks have an alarming amount of teak, that's presumably been there for 35 years. What would a buyer be letting themselves in for with something like this? For clarity, I'm not shopping and couldn't afford it if I was; anyway, this one has electric winches and in-mast furling. I'm just asking out of curiosity and the negligible possibility of some future windfall! :-) Cheers, W.
  4. Not Boris; Brexit. This is exactly the concern raised about the "Irish Border Question" during the Brexit debate. All Boris did was fudge the answer to an unanswerable question and lie about it. His involvement is peripheral, like a stray fingernail catching the scab on a suppurating sore. Did you read the reference to a hundred thousand people showing up to Bobby Sands Funeral? Do you know who Bobby Sands was and why they showed up? We are not talking about a "few hardened terrorists" (though that would be problematic enough). It's almost as if you voted for Brexit with no clea
  5. I take it you weren't around during the 70s+early-80s when the British government made strenuous efforts to portray the Troubles as criminal activity, rather than political? Withdrawal of special status? Dirty protests? Hunger strikes? 100,000 attendees at Bobby Sands' funeral? Sadly, wilful ignorance by either MPs or voters will not change history. It seems memories in Ireland are longer than those in England... it's a pity no-one warned that this might happen. Cheers, W.
  6. Nope, was never inevitable. "The Brexit issue" was internal Tory party division which overspilled into mainstream politics. The "majority for leave" existed only as a fabrication drummed up in a protest vote, fuelled by populism and the xenophobia referenced above. The timing fortuitously perfect for the "winners", gaining just enough support to succeed before the lies unravelled. You can keep on saying it Wayne but it won't make it true. There was never any inevitability about the process- even it's advocates didn't think they would win, and had they lost the issue would have been parke
  7. This "place" is chock full of assholes, why pick on LB? Cheers, W.
  8. Too liberal for you? Cheers, W.
  9. Money is cheap at the moment. Say Mr & Mrs Boatless want to buy a £25K boat, and it'll take them, say, five years to save enough to do so. They can buy £25K over five years for about £2K, often less. So, is it worth £2K (£35/month) to them to be able to own that boat for those five years? (Obviously, along with all the joys of antifouling, repair bills, mooring fees etc) For many, the answer to that will be a resounding yes... especially if those five years are the ones when they have kids the "right age" (whatever that is) or are still fit enough to climb the companion
  10. Kojiro going again (from twitter, link to article on VG site: bit.ly/2PhgxDz) Maybe old news but not seen it here. Cheers, W.
  11. Much like the Scottish system, then. Cheers, W. (no, not that one, Leo)
  12. Not really- the Scottish leadership is a bit self absorbed, the current Westminster government is monumentally corrupt and dishonest, lacking any sense of a moral or ethical compass (see the racism report published yesterday, for example)... it's a bit like comparing chipped gelcoat to massive structural damage below the waterline- yes they are both hull damage but one is easily fixable using existing processes whereas the other is an unmitigated disaster. Cheers, W.
  13. Have you tried something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/MyMAX-Super-Fast-Wireless-Compatible-USB-Black/dp/B08GKQZDJZ These look like a good solution to waterproofing, assuming they work OK through the bag (they are OK through a normal phone case, so I don't see why not). If you've tried and they don't work, please let us know. Cheers, W.
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