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  1. It sounded like this happened several times in the race - so much so that the final time she had run out of spare lines to run for the canting keel
  2. Pip certainly isn't having the easiest of runs to the line: Things that go bang in the night — Pip Hare Ocean Racing With this, her rudder replacement and who knows what else she's definitely worked for her position.
  3. Agreed - a bit of bad luck on his part in that he got caught in (what looked like) a light wind patch. But also think the fact the other pack is foilers is a big reason - they have more routing options available. My take is the only reason Pip has kept in touch with them is that she is out-sailing her boat.
  4. I've yet to see all the takes about how JLC broke the boat by pushing too hard... going to close to Theta... or it was underbuilt... or yada yada. Boats break. People deal with it or not. That's probably the same for all the sailors.
  5. Not at all? Given the weather around the course and the number of times the fleet compressed I doubt this has had any meaningful impact on his position right now. In a similar vein of thought I wonder how 'fair' the time compensation for the three skippers involved in Kevin's rescue has turned out to be. At the time I thought the time given was on the low side, but I think it's hard to argue that in the grand scheme of things it affected their position in the race that much (again due to the way the weather turned out). Can't see a better way of handling the situation though - if the dela
  6. Should have added that by my reckoning Pip is in with a chance (touch and go) of breaking Ellen's time of 94 days too. Doubly impressive when you consider when Medallia's first VG was in the same race that time was set (2000-2001).
  7. Only realised the other day (after killing time looking at Pip's pages on her sponsors website) that Clarisse is easily on track to set a new female monohull single-handed non-stop RTW record. AFAIK it's still held by Ellen Mcarthur: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vendée_Globe#Les_meilleurs_temps_féminins That's a pretty notable achievement. Also probably represents considerable ROI for her sponsor as there'll be more coverage of that achievement than other mid-fleet boats.
  8. There's a new leader! But starting to think it's hard to look past Boris for this. He's only 35nm behind Burton and sailing fast. Difficult to see where Burton or Dalin could pull out a 6 hour gap. But then of course there's Yannick with 4 hours in hand... Can't begin to imagine how hard this is for the skippers. Having to be completely switched on after 75 days at sea. And knowing even a small mistake now could cost you a chance for victory.
  9. Think there could well be a problem. Less than 10kts over 4 hours isn't just easing off to make a gybe.
  10. Trying to avoid work so had a quick play around to see what this would look like with the time compensation taken into account. Burton is still first - but less than an hour in front of Besthaven, with Boris only a little bit further behind in 3rd. Gap from 3rd to Dalin in 4th underlines how difficult it is going to be for him to pull out enough of a lead to cross the line first and still finish first on corrected time.
  11. Bugger. Given that the fact he's still in with a very real chance of winning - either outright or with the time compensation - is pretty incredible.
  12. Thanks! Great someone has gone and done this properly. Feel like the final method (time at the equator) is the most helpful. The 24hr avg speed just feels wrong - JLC has a higher average speed because the fleet is compressing at the doldrums. In 24 hours time this measure will look completely different.
  13. Surely Charal has this sewn up after returning to Les Sables d'Olonne? Already travelled 200nm more than Armel (which is insane considering he was tied up for 4-5 days) despite being 1100nm behind on DTL
  14. Perhaps I should have checked the scale first...
  15. Hope Kojiro has a good alarm set...
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