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  1. A few 40's have Axxon carbon masts, mainly the newer ones. What is so special about these masts?
  2. Anyone know the name/# of the class 40 sitting in Charleston that has been for sale for some time? I believe it's owned by a French sailor.
  3. The boat is an Open 40, not so interested in the buoy's with such a boat. I will follow up with Cracker Boy tomorrow to see if I can make that work. Definitely the closest for me. @Billy- Yes, The boat will be moving around the East Coast quite a bit. I would certainly have interest in your assistance.
  4. Thank you Gangbusters, I just looked at their website and it looks promising. No details on the depth, I will reach out to them tomorrow and gauge if it would work.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I wasn't sure which section to put it in. It's only 40 feet so not a very big boat. Are there any in the Cape Canaveral area?
  6. I'm buying a new boat which has a 10.6 foot draft that I would like to dry sail in FL. I'm on the East Coast, does anyone have a marina they would recommend? I'm in Stuart and the closer the better. I'm familiar with Cracker Boy in Riviera Beach. They would require me to remove the Mast to be kept on the hard. I don't want to do that.
  7. I'm thinking a class 40 may be in my future, I've been around them a bit but do not have a ton of experience. Two of the boats I am considering are the Akilaria RC3 and the Pogo S3. Any thoughts on those two boats and which one may be better for racing/sailing along the East Coast.
  8. JAM= Jib And Main. It's the only way I can do it for a race. Corners and roundings really are not that bad. Going from downwind to upwind directly definitely does take some time to get the head sail in depending on the size that I am using. I get everything set up way too early with the Main to really be effective. On a Swan the way you sail effectively to your rating is in the upwind legs. Once she is set and trimmed properly you don't really need to touch the helm much and she just steam rolls. Minor changes to the head sail and and tracks are easy to make with out needing the pi
  9. I have a Swan 44 and do this type of sailing, I don't think it will be too much of a challenge. Forget about the kites though unless you get a sprit. I previously had a Swan 48 with a sprit and was able to put asymmetric kites up with a sock. As for racing W/L, not a chance!! Maybe if you're doing JAM but no way in hell with kites. You can do everything but it takes a long time and all maneuvers have to be well planned out. Get the boat, when I bought mine it was on the short list.
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