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  1. Google/Android was a bad example, it is free software and you do have all the source code: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)
  2. Beyou doing 2.6 kn, I'm already dreading the next update from him ...
  3. because when you release video/photo material of damaged parts the question to "ok, and how did this happen" gets even louder, you can't show the damage with no annotation. And it appears that for whatever reason they don't want to comment on it. Or they are still analyzing what happened and provide the info later when they are ready.
  4. Short little info about A68a I didn't know and thought might be of interest:
  5. Manuel Cousin seams to have solved the rudder issue?
  6. Guess who's not last in the ranking anymore? Go Jeremie!
  7. thanks! tried the auto trans subtitles, they were pretty much useless. But I got your impression of him being down beaten. On the other hand he caught up with the group and is topping the boat speed charts for the last 4h. He is also sailing extra miles by positioning more to the north ...
  8. would not be surprised if the AP is done in software on an "of the shelf" computer (with low power consuption; maybe an ARM architecture?)
  9. I guess he is facing the same situation that JD/TR are: the non foiling Omia is a laughable 340nm back after ... how many weeks of racing? 4? 5? The announced incredible speed bump for the latest gen of foilers is not materializing, how good is a boat design that only shows its advantage in conditions that are almost never encountered during the whole VG?
  10. OK, then lets talk SHOESTRING for a moment: let's assume I want to participate in the VG24, I buy the cheapest IMOCA60 that is compliant with the rules and is capable of getting around the globe. I buy it in 2022, train on the boat for 2 years and then do the race. How much money would I need in total?
  11. I guess ... build a hard roof next time?
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