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  1. Neither were Clinton/Gore. I had a front row seat to their denial.
  2. Have you been there? I think I've been to our 10 largest cities, and Chicago is my favorite. Trump liked to point out the gun violence, but it hasn't changed...his lemmings don't care about numbers (something you or I would call statistics). Random, not directed at you. Playing The Knife by Genesis too loud in ear muffs.
  3. Hey, if it was familial and you were forced. That's a big pass, but if you looked like you were trying to win Nathan's for life, whole mother thing. Your need to refer to us a girl and your incessant and unnecessary to tell us you are such a conman, tells me you have been abused. Otherwise, you are the biggest asshole that ever lived...that was sexually abused. Trying to help here asshole.
  4. Keyrist have you gurls have nothing better to do than dog my trash-picking-cock-suckin ass.
  5. Prove to me your not gay...pics don't cut it. VCR introduced in '75.
  6. Your kids? I'd love to meet them. I have nothing against gays...apple = tree.
  7. I get the bread, how about the meat of the sandwich?
  8. I think it goes without saying for our group that you leave it better than you found it. What's the major source of your trash and work upstream.
  9. I was going to join this thread but have already masturbated 3 times today and am trying to cut down.
  10. My favorite is Heaven is in Your Mind. Today not as great, but I'm assuming it was a 4track. How does someone get their mind around it? How does one edit that song and declare done. Just my favorite, nothing else.
  11. Thanks, I will do more research in the future before eating my shoe.
  12. I don't know if he played on the track, but Gimme some Lovin would not be what it is without a 16yo Steve Winwood singing.
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