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  1. I love it. Perfect boat for me. Can't imagine what I would have otherwise, probably have to get something custom made. I've been slowly replacing sails, which is making me love it more. Really only fly the asym when we are pretty deep. Too deep to not have the main chaffing on the spreaders, or there's not enough wind to prevent it from flopping around. The asym is more stable and keeps us moving. I never really jibe it, one tack line, one sheet. Its pretty lazy sailing at that point. If I had some able bodied crew, I'd probably be more aggressive. I'm usually single-handing, or
  2. I sail my asym without main a lot. Pure laziness. In this shot both me and my friend were laying down in the cockpit with beers. Sorry Bob, its one of yours, SAGA35.
  3. Messed up adding the pic. You get the idea.
  4. When I woke up this morning in Boston it was 5 degrees. Made me think of this sail on my last boat, a Dehler 37, in the Bahamas over 10 years ago.
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