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  1. I'm just gonna leave this here...
  2. Word is that westrec/chicago park district will allow chicago harbors to open up normally and hopefully with fewer crew limits. Obviously what kind of crew limits there will be is TBD. I would suspect that early season big parties are probably still out but the races will happen. Hopefully late season like the tri-state will be able to have rafts at a minimum. The clubs should be planning a somewhat normal schedule with the big question being parties.
  3. That would be absolutely brilliant! I've always wanted for there to be a mac-back race and this would fit the bill perfectly
  4. sounds like RYC liked the bump in participation when they aren't competing with the Mac. However, still going to lose folks who are still in recovery mode and don't want to sail 300 miles in the mac, 250 to racine, 200 to menomnie and 300 back to Chicago. That said, plenty or retirees out there who have 2 weeks to burn sailing around.
  5. It really is insane, especially with the main complaint about the Mac is that it's too expensive, it easily costs $1,000 for a 35' boat to participate and that assumes you have all of the safety gear. I can almost understand the AIS transponder (but like others have noted, with radar reflectors sailboats show up really well.) However the personal AIS beacon while a good idea is going to get lots of crew to say hell no too. Between a PFD, decent foulies, teathers etc.. and now a beacon you're looking at $1,000 for EACH crew. Makes the Hook look more and more attractive.
  6. 2021 Mac question here - in the safety regs for the last race in the "recommendations" section there are a couple of items that it says will be effective as of 1/1/21 including some $$ items like a AIS transponder (not just receiver) and a PLB on each crewmember. Anyone have a scoop if this is actually going to become part of the safety regs for the '21 run assuming there is one? Also, why no dyneema lifelines? ISAF and USsailing accept them.
  7. "Boat manufacturers HATE this one simple DIY modification."
  8. Aboard Zella a few minutes before shit hit the fan Not long after we blew out our A2 and our #2 shredded itself while furled up and wrecking some other rigging causing us to retire. Max speed was 13.6 which a C&C 35-3 has no business doing.
  9. Hello Everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for awhile now and after reading the back and forth about getting new folks out racing I thought I'd add my 2cents. Sorry in advance for a WAY too long post. Plus my crew kicked ass on both the tri-state and bi-state so I for one think it was an excellent race, although we did consider calling in and retiring several times on Sunday as we listened to Skye forwarding like 50 calls to RC. I'm a millennial and my entire crew is made up of millennials so I think I'm probably the target audience here. My way in was probably fairly typical but dif
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