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  1. Hello, I was wondering where you have stored your lifeboat onboard the J99. Mine use to be under the tiller ( 2 rudders) but make the walk around very uncomfortable. Any solution ? Cool boat anyway
  2. Great ! this oversized 115m2 kite is going to top of the mast ? some pictures maybe ?
  3. I used to own a J105, pointing with our 99 is for sure higher in light and medium air. in heavy air is always difficult to judge the boat itself. Going down wind is about the same as j105 but feeling is to go slower.... (height on deck and weight maybe)... No clew against j109.
  4. As owner of a 99 I Fully agree with you : > my previous boat was a J105 > J99 is a jpk 10,10 copy ( some aspects are even not as good as ex : no liferaft space, main-sheet messy ) >BUT I would not have made that change to get a SF 3300 or Jpk 10.30 which are more in line with Figaro II / III those are little too extreme and belong more to pure professional racer than family speedster. j99 is kind of a classic boat
  5. French, that might help...
  6. Hello I own hull 13. no facebook but will be very happy to share via SA forum.
  7. Hello mine is hull 14. bowsprit is broken. At first cracks appeared at the extremity. It has been repaired by local dealer but after one week-end racing, the bolts fixing the sprit into the side of the bow have delaminated the carbon. I m waiting for service from J-composites. I ll let you know. Anybody owning a j-99 with those issues ?
  8. ok I have not checked if any optimization can be done. I'll let you know
  9. What do you mean by steering a bit to restricted ? I see also that your bowsprit is slightly modified... any closer photo ? thanks
  10. Hello J99's owners any trouble with the bowsprit ? Mine has some crack also it has been lightly used. What about you ? Is the "tack plate" attached the same way on yours? I'm hull #14.
  11. hull #14 delivered 10 days a go in Cherbourg France
  12. Finally in light condition : Overall IRC B : J99 4th (behind 1: 40.7/ 2 : JPK 10.80/ 3 : j112) Overall IRC double : J99 3rd (behind J1 : PK10.80 / 2: new Sunfast 3300)
  13. Well I've ordered my sails ( X voiles) last week and we try to do the same exercise (no torsion cable) with a Code 5 . They did some test on the new Bfigaro3 (attached). seems efficient and not too hard to roll. Hope that the luff will be round and ease enough to fly windward ... that seems to be the case on the NorthSail one. Any idea of wind angle/ wind speed ?
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