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  1. How do folks like driving from the net seats on top of the aft cabin on the later corsairs? I sat on a 970 at the Annapolis boat show and it certainly would make a nice spot for a cocktail.
  2. I know you said in shear and not tension, just trying to get my head around this, I’ve read about recessed G10 rods epoxied in and then tapped (female threads) or turned into what could be described as soft pad eyes for a bobstay. Is what your are describing a pad epoxied on the deck or are you breaching the top skin?
  3. I like the sound of no holes, can you expand on this. What tape, what resin? Do you think this would be adequate for attachment points for the tramps or bow nets on a tri? I’ve seen the rod thing but that seems to take a lot of man hours from blogs I’ve followed.
  4. What a guy! At 73 he swam back underneath on a breath hold to retrieve the EPIRB and he’s back out now trying to get his boat salvaged. I know several guys half his age who would have sat on top of their overturned hull and pouted.
  5. Sure. But this is not motorsailing anarchy.
  6. I’ll add that when we find a shape that jives with our style we play with the volume to suit the conditions.
  7. Surfboard manufacturers reluctantly started denoting volume in liters (mostly, some in cu in) along the stringer or rail in the last decade. This has been a very good thing for innovation as punters like me can buy wildly different shapes to experiment with and have reasonable confidence that the board is fine, it’s our skills or stance that aren’t adequate.
  8. Despite my snotty comment earlier, I find myself in a similar situation where I have to get real about how much beach cat I can handle with a little one onboard. I bought a Hobie Wave at auction last week for peanuts. It has a new condition mainsail, is boomless, will put it on the beach 2 blocks from my house and will report back after riding with my 3 y/o.
  9. This thread is useful to me as someone who delivers boats, and helps friends and clients find their next boat. I’m having fun.
  10. Mr Mundt is too much of a gentleman to say here but he has a 23’ L7 trimaran for sale at a great price in Southern California. It’ll be cheaper to run than a F27 and likely suit your needs perfectly but the F27 will likely resell faster (total boat lifetime value) and the L7 is getting closer to backpacking than the F31 you originally asked about. I deliver boats and recently brokered a F27, the market is hot right now as MultiThom has suggested. I’m not sure what border crossing is like right now but you seem enthusiastic so go grab a boat and show us some pictures of your fun!
  11. As a new to the game boat owner you will be shocked at running and maintenance costs. The folks on this thread are real sailors with great advice but a lot of them have real money. You are thinking about a F31 for ~$60-75k and say you don’t have 150k for the F36. My advice is to get a F27 for around 30k as soon as possible and start sailing it. It will trailer and rig easier than the F31 and probably be better for your immediate needs. When it’s time to cross the ocean, leave the F27 at home and buy another Westsail 32 for around 30k. Sell cheap or even give the westsail to another worthy a
  12. https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/boa/d/fort-lauderdale-2015-corsair-cruze-970/7312800583.html showed up today on Craigslist, I have no affiliation
  13. The 300 day non stop solo around the americas trip on an Albin Vega 27’ was done with a manual life raft style water maker. He pumped straight into his mouth. This was mainly due to the prohibitive cost of all the gear that’s being discussed for that budget. It was supposed to be an unassisted attempt but that didn’t happen due to the first water maker failing and having someone throw him a new one from (I think) Nova Scotia before the NW passage. I’d think a bunch of cans of soup that could be discarded as consumed, a manual water pump and rain collection would be a cost effective and weight
  14. Russel usually mentions how well his proas go to weather. Does a 30-35 foot proa solve the problem of sailing against the trade winds and swell along the thorny path from Florida to Tortola? Or the Baja bash from Cabo to San Diego? I don’t know the answer to the question, but I do recall reading in an old multihull magazine how an almost new Corsair 31 compromised its bulkheads and made it somewhere in the Bahamas before turning back whooped on what was supposed to be a 7 day sail to St Martin. Do smallish trimarans go for 1000 miles into 20 knots and 5’ swells without breaking a bunch of stuf
  15. When I was 25 I bought a 10k mono overloaded it and shoved off with a few friends with far less sailing experience than me with a plan of going to Bocas Del Torros to start a new life as a surf bum. We got a few hundred miles offshore and one of my crew freaked out and wouldn’t come out of the cabin and the other was taking stupid risks that I thought would probably end with him falling off the boat. So I came back to the US dumped my young friends and picked up a couple older fellows with some sailing experience and we sailed to Bermuda and then to Saint Croix. In Christiansted harbor there w
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