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  1. Bowen Bridge Rd Brisbane, looking toward Royal Brisbane Hospital.
  2. If it was close and a protest was called, why wouldn’t ya just do a couple of donuts? A few minutes at the beginning of a two-day race is way less than two hours!
  3. Yep, Comanche running 10 degrees deeper and a few knots quicker, according to Windy Tracker. They will open out the lead til the next soft patch.
  4. Used to be called "hunting". I believe still allowed in match racing.
  5. Yep, my money is on Stan heading up to get to the new breeze, before reaching off with the pressure, to smoke the fleet (until the next re-start)
  6. Not what I saw on the live footage. WO never had to alter course to avoid. SW was clear ahead and below. Almost perfect lee-bow.
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