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  1. Meanwhile... nice clip of the SCOW Bow of the blackPepper in good weather and very stable action... This boat could reach main peloton at Hornos at this progression rate
  2. Yep, some velcro but will change pretty soon. Ruyant is an excited seawolf making miles and on the move! right now
  3. Roger that Bebmou so... The port foil of @ApiviaVoile has integrity. It is the foil wedge which is broken. It joins the hull and the boat. Charlie Dalin will tackle a repair this morning He said he heard a Loud bang... means the foil's joint broke strongly along with hull joint structural failure?... or maybe caused by torsion w/ sudden OFNI ?
  4. Dalin now pointing NNE in Mtraff... almost static... maneuver and bricolage time for the young padawan... cutting also the port foil ?... will he broadcast it like AT or in video like Ruyant, has he experience repairing while racing... serious doubts
  5. He has shown he has the fastest boat of the fleet so far (515Nm), no much mistery, he's containing awesome YannB's push with the wounded moustache in water and could well outperform him at 100% (or in port tack) in good sea state and pressure. (So could Dalin, if he gets out of this as unscathered as twin Thomas...) Meanwhile someone continues his dream Indian run to the oriental future richness and gains in miles for the next days... Idem ugly Clarisse and Attanasio
  6. Dalin down to 3rd position... surpassed on starboard and portside by the new race leader/s
  7. Allways interesting and a pleasure to hear Mike Golding, what a gentelman, can hear him (and Kenny Read) for hours
  8. Dalin actualy losing all his delta surrounded by Ruyant & Bestaven in morning daylight... HP velcro caught main peloton, calmed conditions might benefit the three leaders to increase some more miles and facilitate to asses Dalin's distress
  9. Another 2 more records to add to the list (longest sponsorship & number of broken boats under same happy sponsor )
  10. WRONG. ERROR. Perdon amigo. Just WikiCopy & WikiPaste Thomson's Clipper Race win in 1999 made him the youngest skipper ever to win a round-the-world yacht race.[1][2] As of February 2016 he still holds this record.[1][2] He is an around the world solo sailor, and holds the 24-hour world speed sailing record for solo mono-hulls (537 nautical miles at an average speed of 22.4 knots). Sponsored by Hugo Boss he took part in the Vendée Globe 2004/05 but was forced to retire after damage to the carbon fitting that attached the boom to the deck.[3] He also started in 2008, but had to r
  11. Little beasty Jboy!... In a few days time we'll probably have some more truth (... false protocolary Christmas message included...)
  12. The whole Pacific and whole Atlantic uphill still... w/ a wounded & lame boat, tough task to complete... Adding to the fact that young Dalin has no southern experience, he's never been south of Itajai. (CORUM, HB, ARKEA, PRB, Initaitives, DNF..., Charal & L'Occitane at the back..., LinkedOut and now Apivia handicapped...) The Race is more open than ever
  13. Copy that! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Vendée Globe @VendeeGlobeENG At around 1800UTC this evening, Charlie Dalin (@ApiviaVoile) slowed down after hearing a loud noise on board. After first inspection, he has confirmed that the port foil system is damaged. More info #VG2020 The two Verdier twins LinkedOut and Apivia with the same foil damaged !
  14. Indeed!, awfull coincidence... Was the rudder problem caused by a structural issue or just again another OFNI ?
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