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  1. Thanks for all the work TR. Had to take an eastern flyer and bang the right corner. No point being on the back of the peleton at 15k. This mornings leaderboard makes it all worthwhile!! Actually ahead of YM. Of course the inevitable slide back to the cheap seats where I belong is now in progess. Good racin guys
  2. I am the poster child for this. With 10 miles of the leaders until Kergulen. Had RW commitments so set up for a safe option (terribly incorrect!) rather than push the ice line and lost 150 miles in 24 hrs. I have full pack but have not made any inroads getting back. I don't use zezo much and I am sure there are a bunch of Non Full Pack folks ahead of me. If I get to the Top 10,000 I'll be happy. I don't have the time to devote that I am sure the pointy end is devoting.
  3. Good Call! Didn't realize Andy was Knighted an Forgot Ben
  4. Very rare to be honored while active. Only one other sportsman, a cricketer I believe, and no F1 drivers. Jackie Stewart was knighted post career. I guess technically Frank Williams was active but not a driver. I wonder if bernie will ever make the cut ;-)
  5. Ariens 54 xl here with a kohler. Had it for 6 yrs now Took my 3 acres mostly centipede from 3-4 hrs to 1.5 to 2 hrs. It gets ridden hard and put away wet. No major issues ...blades, oil changes, scarfing rollers etc. still on original belt. Did run into what turned out to be a fuel starvation issue this year. Intermittent misfire and down on power. After a bunch of piddling around including plugs and a carb rebuild i found a bunch of junk in the fuel tank. If i had taken it in, might of come to that conclusion first but I enjoy piddling around. Got rid of that issue and good for another
  6. Sir Lewis eh? good onim https://www.bbc.com/sport/55475887 Happy New Year
  7. Longer... check harder... check faster... probably not so much https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/2020-laptimes-changes-mercedes-wolff/4931924/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-22
  8. Looked at the Sony very nice but was too rich for my budget. My DSLR cost 1/3 the price and has hdmi out can record 2 hrs of 4K on a 128 gig card which is plenty for what I do in the studio. Runs off AC, batteries or (my preference) common external USB battery pack. I got a screw on macro lens with the kit ( i teach materials failure) but have yet to use it. No need for telephoto in studio. Again its not Hollywood and I do not claim my set up to be in anyway ”professional”. My audience wouldn’t know a poorly set white balance or a poorly executed transition if it hit them in the nose. Rem
  9. +1 on the audio. Unless you are insulating the space a lav mic will be less noisy than a boom mic. I use a Panasonic DSLR and Shoot 4K. It allows for close ups etc in post. Sounds like the Same kind of work... maintenance training how to etc. I use green screen a lot which allows me to change the plant backdrop to suit context. Quality is not Hollywood but considering its streamed and not consumed on 80” flat screens its mo than adequate. Final Cut Pro on a macook pro for editing.
  10. tried them all all claim to be unlimited but useless over 20gig we have cut the cord so all tv via net netflix, sling,amazonprime. We will burn 20 gig in a couple of weeks (2 of us). I do online training as well. Had Evdodepot.com for 6 months now its..outstanding need access to sprint/tmobile towers
  11. Perez To RBR https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/sergio-perez-2021-red-bull-f1/4928829/?ic_source=home-page-widget&ic_medium=widget&ic_campaign=widget-22
  12. mmmmmm maybe? Audi and BMW pulling out of Formula E. Redirect funds to F1?
  13. Yup struck me as an interesting if not somewhat flawed marketing approach
  14. Seppos probably wont get it but YCMTSU
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