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  1. Mmm Max’s onboard clearly shows him not turning in or even trying for the apex and running wide at entry. Only afterwards adds some lock. Hamilton had the corner. Others who have made similar lunges in the past have been penalized. Max’s assertion that he tried to make the apex and understeered out does not appear to be supported by the steering input evidence. It is what it is and all part of the game. I think Massi et al have a very difficult Job but should have access to all the data before making decisions. Bad form Max
  2. Actually they said if anything he probably lost performance because the damage was only at the right end of the wing and an uneven gap compromises aero
  3. So lewis dsq’d for 0.2mm discrepancy prolly caused by damage during qually. Never mind a game of inches. More like thousandths!!! set up a hulluva drive though. race should be tasty.
  4. Huh sailed on her sistership back in the day 115,000T crude carrier that yard must be swan hunter on the tyne.
  5. Using EvdoDepot here for the house (rural) which runs off the T-mobile network works great. VM
  6. I thought she sank years ago after inundation when the bilge pump became plugged with beansprouts and cheese.
  7. No he has to start on the same tires he set his fastest lap in Q2. Merc were hoping others in the top 10 would use softs so they could create a split tyre strategy. If it rains of course the can start on wets.
  8. I got nothin’ on DD Bama back to smash mouth football (temporarily) looked pretty dominant in the first half. Now if they could just finish a game. UGA dominating too. long way to go yet.
  9. Not sure Merc will want Albon feeding engine info back to RBR as they are starting their new engine program. By all accounts RBR wont release Albon. More likely Nick Devrys at Williams. Thought Albon had an outside chance at alpha tauri but they are standing pat with the current line up. I guess tsnoda has to stay bc Honda Angle.
  10. Agreed on the beans and hash browns, although toast an marmalade would have been another extra
  11. Yup the “ modern “ ones were bimetallic. Little more than a barbecue thermometer. We actually had some magnetic ones we would attach to the main circ pump suction.
  12. I was on of those guys way back when who actually took those temperatures. Several dozen different vessels over a +-20 year carreer. We were using mercury in glass thermometers sometimes in a thermo well on the intake sometimes not. (Taped to the pipe!) The thermometer graduations were more like 2 degrees assuming you could read them. More modern analogue dial types were bigger (easier to read) but needed "interpretation" to get anywhere near 1 deg accuracy. And yes we did not need sea temps to be accurate to operate the vessel. Nowadays I am sure they will have digital with more sensitivity
  13. For the last couple of years or so the loop current in the gulf has been spinning circles on itself. I wonder how much effect that has on the overall gulf stream flow? Looking today for the first time in a long time it is back to a more normal looking loop flow albeit a little skewed E-W. This has to affect the flow in the gulf stream right?
  14. Mmmmm the Guardian. Riiiigghtttttt
  15. If Hamilton had pitted the chances are he would have lost a lot of lot places because their pit is close to pit entry and he would have had to wait for the train of cars to go by before his release. They expected a few other cars to do the same and stay out which would have been the lesser of the two issues. Still one helluva race. Good on Esteban ...very deserving, Alonso ...masterful. Gutted for Seb to lose out on a technicality but he finally seems to be finding his way again after all those years in the Ferrari wilderness. Great recovery drive by LH. He was pretty sick after the race and
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