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  1. Frequency of vibrations from engine…. Jets vs props?
  2. Looks like Aston and RBR were pushing pressure tire limits in Baku which caused the failures. FIA clamping down. It will be interesting to see what this does to their pace this weekend. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/red-bull-and-aston-martin-were-running-with-lower-pressures-says-pirelli/6579071/
  3. New series … Clarkson's Farm has dropped on Prime. Somewhat formulaic… semi serious documentary but with typical Clarkson interludes. You can see Andy Wilman’s hand in it. Not bad entertainment though. GT has been on hold till travel restrictions lifted.
  4. Agreed with the shop local sentiment but so little retail is “local”. I have a local hardware store less than 2 miles from the house where I get lumber and most common hardware bits and pieces. He mostly deals with the pro side but criss his palm with silver and he will sell to anyone. Everything else is pretty much Amazon.
  5. You can debate the positives and negatives of Amazon but you have to respect their logistics system and its ability to get shit stuff to you very efficiently. I personally prefer not having to fight my way through a typical retail outlet in order to interact with some clueless employee or be presented with limited choice. However YMMV. VM
  6. Best Quali in years! where did that LH lap come from? Italian food must suit Tsnonda. should be a really interesting race. proves once again that if track limits are enforced with concrete and tech-pro vs electronic sensors the racing gets better.
  7. true enough but all those features came from F1 before they were banned. This forces teams to continually seek other ways of achieving the same results.
  8. Currently iphone but have had various handsets of various brands over the years all have done the same thing. Never had issues when we were on ATT. I will say that a few years ago after finishing a race to Cuba, my verizon iphone was the only one out of our crew that actually got a signal. All the att and tmobile ones did not. I was quite popular that trip;-)
  9. I have a verizon “unlimited” plan from work... its unlimited until you hit 20 gig when it drops to dial up speeds niot even fast enough to run nav programs. Spent many pointless hours with Verizon reps explaining to me that it is due to tower traffic. (At 4am on a sunday morning on an empty interstate in the middle of nowhere .....ya riiiight.) When I am mobile Verizon is awful rarely can I have a conversation longer the 5-10 mins with out it dropping. Doesn't matter where I am in the country. Its almost like every time I switch towers mid call it drops. Used to have ATT wayback and never had
  10. No It had about 20K on it when I bought it. I have not done any of the factory BS service. Original plugs, brakes 2 or 3 sets, 2 sets of rotors. New rear wheel bearings at +-250K (Always towing or bed full of gear). Just oil and filter changes (based on oil condition so anywhere from 3.5K to 15K) Reg 5W30/10W30 Mineral oil (Castrol) and a good beta ratio filter (usually mobil 1)
  11. Don't Do it 412000 miles currently on Tundra Ltd most at 80ish probably 50% towing a 9K trailer. Haven't even checked fluid level (you cant). I Monitor Temps...all OK , shift points ....all OK no leaks... why change? Like the vast majority of failure mechanisms on all mechanical stuff. The failure mechanisms for the tranny are not time based so why do time based maintenance? Unless you are in business of..... or selling parts...... The things that will cause the fluid to degrade are oxygen, moisture and heat. I don't have any significant quantities of those in my tranny. You wont either
  12. Thanks for all the work TR. Had to take an eastern flyer and bang the right corner. No point being on the back of the peleton at 15k. This mornings leaderboard makes it all worthwhile!! Actually ahead of YM. Of course the inevitable slide back to the cheap seats where I belong is now in progess. Good racin guys
  13. I am the poster child for this. With 10 miles of the leaders until Kergulen. Had RW commitments so set up for a safe option (terribly incorrect!) rather than push the ice line and lost 150 miles in 24 hrs. I have full pack but have not made any inroads getting back. I don't use zezo much and I am sure there are a bunch of Non Full Pack folks ahead of me. If I get to the Top 10,000 I'll be happy. I don't have the time to devote that I am sure the pointy end is devoting.
  14. Good Call! Didn't realize Andy was Knighted an Forgot Ben
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