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  1. If the alternative is loosing the Kiwi design team to billionaire overseas teams because I simply can't scrape the dosh together, then, well, I wouldn't love it, but I am open to the idea of guaranteeing TNZ a serious crack at the whip.
  2. Put yourself in Grant Dalton's shoes. He has to raise a LOT of money. Again. And this time airlines like Emirates are broke. What are you going to do? So if someone offers a huge bucket of money to have a quick race (Isle of Wight), followed by a 'normal' series afterwards (the two events they have fixed the AC75 for), in NZ, and that made all your funding problems disappear, you'd be mad not to find some way to pull that off. Wouldn't you?
  3. I watched INEOS out on the paddock yesterday afternoon. They were doing repeated ‘S’ manoeuvres. On port tack going up wind, dropping windward foil, luffing up, holding, then bearing away again and lifting the port foil again. They did it again and again. I assume they’re trying to improve the power they produce through tacks?
  4. Do we know what course they will be on tomorrow?
  5. Since this thread is about the foil comparison... can I ask an honest question? Can someone help me understand the 'bulbs' that some of the teams have on their foils. ETNZ clearly doesn't, but I don't understand how they behave and what the implications are for the rest of the design. I have looked through the discussion and can't find anyone explaining that (of course it could be buried six lines deep below some insults - in which case soz - I missed it). Thanks in advance!
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