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  1. Left San Diego 3pm yesterday AEST, should have a quick few days 20-30knts N-N/W going E-N/E for next week.
  2. They are leaving West coast US tomorrow, will need to be a quick delivery back to Sydney in time for Hobart start, plus do quarantine and qualifier miles.
  3. Not my photos, just spotted them on FB. Boat was found near the oil rigs in Bass Strait, towed in to Lakes Entrance.
  4. Wild Rose - ex Wild Oats - rated way above the one tonners
  5. Infotrack hanging on to BJ in conditions that definitely don't suit her
  6. Oats overpowered up the harbour, bigger headsail than Scally and BJ wasn't helping. At turn mark hoisting 2 more headsails, shaking out the reef and raising forward rudder they had a bit on and are now 4 crew less than usual...probably why the others rolled over them. Settled down now running deeper than the others which they usually do plus now the 1200kg weight saving starts to have effect.
  7. WO ll was a Randall 34 powerboat in Middle Harbour, WO lll was a Swan 53 based in Porto Cervo. There was also a couple of powerboats over the years in Port Cervo, the last one 50 odd foot, Bill Buckle drove her as the tender to WOXl at the maxi worlds, they may have counted as WO's as well.
  8. It was Michael Coxon, North sails boss, who asked the helicopter about sail selections on another maxi. He was not on WO but on Loyal.
  9. When will the RC file a protest against Infotrack for the same breach? Blackjack only reported WOIX but not Infotrack who was also racing beside them and not transmitting but finished 2 places behind so I suppose nothing to be gained there.
  10. And giving the benefit of doubt that it may have been a technical issue, how was Oats to know they weren't transmitting? If the navigator was seeing other boats on AIS he would assume theirs was working correctly.
  11. Not sure how much can rely on on Marine Traffic. It shows no position for Alive from N/E of Scamander until the start of Storm Bay. This could open up a whole can of worms.
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