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  1. The thing I don't understand is why he have built such a boat being just a fisherman - 99% of the boats (I allow 1% for this craft now) at the lake are regular ferro-cement with a long-tail outboard or without it. I wonder if it has something below in at least in a shape of sailboat keel - that can say much about if the guy just plagiarized shapes of sailboats he saw before on the lake or there was at least a bit of study on the subject. I was so fascinated with this post-apocalyptic look when we catch up with this thing I didn't ask much questions. The guy shouted out, grinn
  2. Spotted in China, nearby Shanghai. Its (sorry, I can't refer to it as "she") steering wheel is literally a bicycle wheel and this craft was actually making headway under the sail. It has Party's Hammer&Sickle on the mast top. I would say it can be one of the best stage requisites for "Water World II". Please don't show it to the guy from the "Home built steel boat" thread...
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