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  1. It isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I've trailered my mini over 2000 miles. It is about 6-9 inches over the max limit before needing a wide load escort, but no one does that. I've actually been escorted by a NY cop when I got on a parkway with a low bridge. It takes up the full lane but you can pull it without any problem or serious worry.
  2. I'm not sure you'll find a cheap place to keep her near NYC. You also may have better luck selling her in France. Are you planning on a transatlantic crossing or shipping her or sailing her up from Brazil after the next mini transat? How do you plan on getting that boat from France to NYC??
  3. Thanks Marcus! I've emailed back and forth with him and expect him to be at the skipper's meeting. I heard you picked up a Class 40. Will you be entering the 1-2? Brian
  4. Looking for any interested minis for the 1-2 this June. We have four committed and are hoping for more! Skipper's meeting in a month
  5. This thread alive? 3 minis signed up for 1-2. Two others considering and looking good. Next 1-2 skippers meeting coming up soon!
  6. USA 831 is a Pogo II originally called C's Folly Now called Trouble No Trouble (TNT) sailed out of Annapolis. I'm interest in helping revive mini fleet. I belive Josh Reisberg (Abylin) was the former president of NASA Mini Association. Not sure if he is still active as he is trying to sell his boat. Lmk if I can help. I don't go on the web often but will be more diligent if there is an active forum. B
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