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  1. Will, I haven't attacked anyone's credentials. I have no intention of it, and won't attack yours, of course. Surely you'll take me up on the offer to discuss this offline. Please, PM me and be open to dialogue. I have no agenda - nothing to hide. I keep making the offer but no one so far has shown the courtesy. Pretty easy to go to the website and see LightSpeed response to the Facebook and Insta posts from the other party. (And yeah, to save time...I don't have accounts on any of those sights, nor do I look at other people's phones, etc). But it becomes easy to see the w
  2. Again, geez, please take this offline. Solo sailor, it is a court of public opinion, agree. But there is nothing remotely close to a "customer left high and dry". I DO have a direct interest in this. They are all my friends! But, they are a couple of whining children, and I'm hoping to keep them from years of lawsuits. I've been there, no one wins. Please PM me. You've been around long enough. If these folks are real they shouldn't be afraid to engage in a mature conversation, without the splenetic vitriol, via private message. Same with you. We share the same in
  3. Max. I gotta ask, who are you and why are you haven't you personal messaged me? I'm pretty pissed off that you would insert yourself in this string and not follow up. Are you really looking for rigging? Are you really a serious sailor? I looked at your posts and you weigh in on a lot of random stuff but don't have anything about real sailing. I'm interested in helping my friends - all of them. You posted this stuff and then went on siesta. The stuff on your profile reeks of a psuedoprofile - a person that posts a bunch of stuff but that's it. I looked at your generi
  4. Max said... Your refusal to answer the simple question begs your veracity, sir It appears that you were content to accept the team’s endorsement and now that they have suffered a failure you are reticent to accept their continued public statements. One must take the bad with the good. As it happens, I am in the market for rigging. But not from Light Speed, I see. My reply... Max, I'm not sure if you are confusing me with someone else. I didn't accept any team's endorsement. I don't even know of any team. If you are talking about Ocean Racers, they a
  5. Max, It is difficult to remain neutral on this forum, which I desperately would like to do, as both parties are friends. Go to: https://lightspeedrigging.com/contact/ And read the manufacturer's response to the social media. I am not on social media, at all. Haven't been for years. I read SA, get my news from WTOP, and just talk to friends instead of having them on the internet. I am happy to discuss this with you offline. My goal is to have these parties stop the childish behavior before it become costly. Feel free to private message me. You've b
  6. Max, I know both parties involved in this saga. They are both friends and I have struggled to stay neutral. One party is making it impossible to do so. I'm begging them to stop, and still trying hard to stay out of it, before it turns into a massive lawsuit. Having been down that path, I can assure you, no one wins but the lawyers. It consumed 5 years of my life and nearly destroyed my well being, career and marriage. Thankfully, it all stayed intact and is the reason I am pleading with both parties. Go to the manufacturer's website. B
  7. To be clear, Gbaycup1888 is a Fake Trolling account. Gbaycup was created 11 hours ago to spew venom on SA. I wasn't referring to any other accounts on this thread, and a apologize for any misunderstanding. The fake account is Gbaycup1888, not any other. Please meg, do not respond to this post. Just delete the account. Brian (aka Burley)
  8. Hello. In full disclosure, my name is Brian and you can easily find my information if you are looking. This new Fake account is clearly made or farmed out by Meg. It was just created, with the sole purpose of trolling. Meg, please don't do this. I'm begging you to look into your soul. I have nothing to hide, nothing to lose and have remained neutral in this childish spat. You will literally kill yourself with all this hate in your heart. Delete this fake account Gbaycup1888, made only and solely for the purpose of trolling this single story. Do the right thing.
  9. Sorry, that is Ryan's YouTube site (worth subscribing!). Here is the 3 bridge video: 2021 Mini Transat 650 Three Bridge Fiasco - YouTube
  10. Ryan Nelson - YouTube Check out this 3 Bridge Fiasco video, done proper, in a Mini. Nice job Ryan!
  11. I've got a POGO II I'm thinking about listing. It has made three solo trips to Bermuda, with double handed return. The Pogo II's are super solid and crazy fast when dialed in. But you've got to get started yesterday for the MT2023. Sure, it can be done on a turbo season, but not on a shoestring budget. The better option is to get a Series boat and rack up three or four thousand miles over the next year. A serious race prep plan will get you on the line in 2023. Good luck. B
  12. And yeah Rob, you are correct that Jay Thompson is in the hunt. Actually 5th in proto points currently. Long week. I need some sleep...
  13. Sorry, to be clear, when referring to Classe Mini I was talking about Series boats, not protos. B
  14. 100% agree with Jon. You need a full year BEFORE the year of the race to prep and qualify. In France. But hats off to Peter for bucking up and giving it a try. Jon, I hope you give the campaign one more try. Not so sure I agree with Rob (person9334) on the proto thing. Rob, you had a lot of all-around sailing, small boat and dinghy experience before you got 415 - not to mention the whole Dauphin Island Race Storm Tragedy. Learning a mini is hard enough, before you throw in a 6to1 winch system for a canting keel, water ballast, cantilevered outriggers and whatever else the proto m
  15. Sadly, Peter had to drop out of the MiniTransat campaign yesterday. It is super-tough qualifying and he was a bit late to the game. But he will have a pretty huge following and support crew for the 2023 event. Not likely the US will have a single boat on the line this year...bummer.
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