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  1. EAA membership ($40/year) comes with a Solidworks "education premium" license: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/eaa-membership/eaa-member-benefits/solidworks-resource-center/eaa-solidworks-standard.
  2. if you pull the valve cores on the fill and relief valves (same tool as for car tire valve cores — a couple bucks at any parts store) after they're *totally* empty, you can recycle them as ferrous scrap. it always lets out a little bit of propane, so do it outside away from flames & nosy neighbors.
  3. sure looks like they were flying a drone for some promo shots just before grounding:
  4. i discovered this week that British pipe thread is a japanese metric standard... go figure.
  5. thanks! the one brochure on the 26 i've seen made it look like an interior refresh. i'll have to track one down someday and have a look for myself. like the other folks said, apples to oranges. the yamaha has an inboard, decent storage, a galley, 4 adult-size berths, and a spot for a real head.... and it points pretty well for a 4ksb. all in all the yammie is a great pocket cruiser, perfect for a couple on an extended cruise. the j/24 isn't really suited for that, even if its possible.
  6. i've got a 25-II; whats the difference to the 26 besides the fractional rig & sugar scoop? I've never managed to actually see a 26 in person and got the impression they were just a rig change.
  7. you need to rule out a cracked head or block between the two bad cylinders.... dye penetrant test is pretty straightforward if a bit messy.
  8. if you get bored with conditions in the sound its not too far a drive to Hood River.
  9. its not. southern california is the place to buy machines tools on the west coast. it was much cheaper for me to buy a mill used down there and have it shipped up to seattle than to buy locally. good used tools sell fast up here.
  10. honda got busted doing that to make their warranties run out sooner a decade ago: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2007-mar-21-fi-odometer21-story.html
  11. if you want a small machine that you could potentially use on a boat, take a good look at the sherline mini-tools. work envelope is small, but they're serious tools, not toys. they sell a modular setup that allows you to configure it as a lathe or a mill as you need. i have a harbor-freight 9" mini-lathe. stay away... its not a good tool in any way. it is underpowered and poorly designed; but i do have to admit it does eventually get the job done. i bought it because i needed a working lathe to fix my other very nice but not-quite-operational lathe. lathe bootstrapping, if you will
  12. yamaha 25.... 9' beam on a 20' lwl means some angles are pretty comical:
  13. the smaller yamaha 25 is also a pretty nice boat
  14. there are certain compounds found in plants that don't directly cause irritation until you get hit with UV & only then they cause a nasty rash. any chance you've consistently weed-whacked some wild parsnip juice onto your arms?
  15. it was good marketing. this is a yanmar diesel in it's natural habitat - a tractor engine with a headlight mounted on top! the basic design goes back to the early 1950s; afaict yanmar came up with an original design for the "K1", which they claim was the first small diesel engine - here's a guy rebuilding one; if you've adjusted the governor linkage on a YSE/B you'll recognize the distinctive injector pump: https://youtu.be/sEXayiKromU. I haven't found any great resource on yanmar engine nomenclature, but this "NSA40" https://youtu.be/3IuIQfakkME appears to be identica
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