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  1. North 3di Raw seems to be working very well for us on USA 31 based on last year - we will see at Block Island in a month how we go. And the A2 is fire downwind.
  2. Any US East Coast J-99s putting together a East Coast schedule? USA 31 Thunder is in for BIRW, considering Edgartown, AYC Spring Series looks thin - be interested to hear what others may be doing. Thanks!
  3. fair point - it seems that single rudder, bulb keel, no ballast would be the only way
  4. I love it - Other than the UK where the boats seem to be struggling, J99s are succeeding in the US and Continental Europe. Please God let there be one design races in 2022!!!
  5. BTW - Pretty good weekend on the East Coast for the 99s...Three straight bullets for Thunder @ Liberty Cup and second in the doublehanded division at Edlu for Thinman. These boats are FAST! https://yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=13124 https://yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=11767
  6. Not this year - just local club stuff, but it has been a blast. Next year we are planning of BIRW, probably the Vineyard Race - after that we will see. I would love to race One Design but thats 2 years out for sure with Covid
  7. Yup I own Thunder I think the 111 is an insanely cool boat - but you need a big team to operate it. I can run the 99 with my wife while she is reading a book - click on the autopilot, up on main, roll out the jib, cross sheet it, and run the whole boat myself (mainsheet w tweeker / traveller/ backstay are all right there) . Also - I am coming from a Lightning, so having a tiller for me is absolutely awesome.
  8. Thunder is a "standard" 99 Single rudder - Bulb Keel - Asym fixed sprit - Tiller - No Water Ballast North 3di Raw & 105m2 A2 Agent 99 - Now Wild Child (in Block Island / Stonington) - is exactly the same and got rated by PHRF NB as 78. PHRF MA gave me the same number - for now. Not sure why thin man is at 69 - maybe because of the code zero?
  9. It seems like the early results are mixed. Here is why I think: - there is no tuning guide from J, North, Quantum, UK, etc - nobody! If someone has a guide please post it! - boat set ups are very different - keels, water ballast, roller reefing, asyms vs syms - the inhaulers make all the difference in the world, but they are complicated - many of the drivers are going from wheel to stick, and the responsiveness is very different My experience is - the boat is extremely fast versus 105 / 109 / 88 - but its going to take time to dial it in and Covid basically made that v
  10. Bummer for those guys - but I haven't seen that. 105s and 109s cant beat us straight up.
  11. I think he implied he went backwards but maybe put partners forward to induce pre-bend? I am going to push my mast forward to induce rake
  12. what is the bigger main - code 6? A fat head? in light air that would be sweet but - the boat powers up pretty fast in 12 knots - you would be dumping traveler and into vang sheeting pretty fast.
  13. The standard North A2 says 105m2 https://order.northsails.com/product/j-99-a2-asymmetric/?v=7516fd43adaa
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