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  1. 99 (THUNDER) record 16.8 set in Gearbuster 2020 112e (#bigsandwich) around 12 so far - cant wait to smash that in 2022!
  2. Hey All - can you put a fine tune mainsheet on a J-112e? It looks like the old Damanti Tires has one. So the idea would be you would have a dead end at the boom - then like a 6-1 to a swivel block - and then below that would be attachment to the primary main sheet. I would think J-111s or bigger boats would have looked at these. This would allow the mainsail trimmer to more easily work the main upwind then purely using the winch. Thanks!
  3. That shot of the 99 In front of the mountain is incredible! That’s the first mast failure I’ve heard of on one of these AGs - very interested in the post Mortem. I switched from the 99 to a 112 but both sticks came out of AG at about the same time. Pushed both hard and all good so far.
  4. Yup absolutely will do post close!
  5. Haha - Exhibit A - Greenport NY
  6. Hey All - In the process of selling (very sadly) my J-99 (USA 31) for a J-112e (USA 11235.) Would be interested to hear how the development of the 112e class has gone. I am probably 2 weeks from getting 11235 (#35) shipped up from Tampa Bay to Atlantic Highlands, NJ. We had a great year racing last year on the 99 with a bunch of wins in shortened season. This year was a little tougher with a midfleet showing at Block Island due to a breakdown and a bad OCS - and got moved into A1 at the home fleet so now I have fight off J-111s, 109s, Farr 395s. Tough but I still love the 99. The 112 is more
  7. Ha ha - excellent guess! Yep J 112e for sale in St Pete!
  8. I’m not sure why they dropped - they were right off block island so they were basically home. It’s small for Bermuda but it’s a great boat. I just did Block Island and had some bad luck with a broken halyard, a bad OCS, and some tactical mistake around the Island but we still had a great time and we can definitely get faster.
  9. Evan - you broke the ring ??? I pushed hard last year in over 25 and had no issues - I haven’t done anything with my inhaler set up and am about to do Block Island Race week. Any suggestions on a quick fix to decrease to load without drilling holes ?
  10. I have J-99 USA 31 and love the boat. I race 109s all the time, and its definitely back and forth. That being said - 99 owners are moving our masts, playing with rig tension, developing inhauler ranges, and coming up with what polars look like. Unfortunately we are too new for easy tuning guides - but we are getting faster. If you look at the results of some of the European boats they are definitely getting some wins. Last year in our first year with the boat we didnt travel much with Covid but in racing in NJ, NY and LIS we were either winning or on the podium. We also did a two week cruise u
  11. That's it - thanks @evandinsmore With the lowers way overweight (although probably not too bad if blowing 18-20!)
  12. Anyone have the numbers from J Composites on base mast settings? I thought they were up at one point but now I cant seem to find them again.
  13. North 3di Raw seems to be working very well for us on USA 31 based on last year - we will see at Block Island in a month how we go. And the A2 is fire downwind.
  14. Any US East Coast J-99s putting together a East Coast schedule? USA 31 Thunder is in for BIRW, considering Edgartown, AYC Spring Series looks thin - be interested to hear what others may be doing. Thanks!
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