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  1. wow! now, that is an article about windows.
  2. sorry, no pictures as of today. boat is a columbia 43. the interior frame has the screws, that go through the cabin house and thread into the outer frame. windows do not open.
  3. thank you. i will look into that product.
  4. i searched and struggled to come up with any threads... i am looking for sealant materials that are good to use to re-seal and older boats existing two part frame with a plexi-glass window. the boat is currently in socal, so no severe temperature swings. there is a chance the boat will be in mexico in a few years, however. thank you for any suggestions.
  5. you need to edit the thread title...this is 2022. but yes, it will be a good one. i'll especially be watching comanche and skorpios.
  6. eugenia is not looking good, and the next couple of days looks grim for them.
  7. black pearl - broken mast! ugh - long way to go without a full mast. and, didn't seem to be anything unusual around them...weather wise. bummer. glad they are all okay.
  8. there has probably been lots of discussion on this matter...especially from doug lord, but, should maserati go back to more of a traditional mod 70?maybe its just me, but it seems to never be as capable of winning these sorts of events against the other mod's. event after event, they seem to not be able to get line honors against them. sure, there may be the occasional nut, but man, they are never leading with the "foiling" capabilities.
  9. looks to me like another lead change for line honors is about to occur.
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