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  1. what the heck? snaggy can speak normal spanish without errors? too cool!
  2. this ought to be favorable for captain sluggo and the overall. that turbo'ed hobie should be quick in this stuff.
  3. is there a delay on the tracker, and if yes, how long? i cannot find the answer. forecast looks grim for sure.
  4. full circle


    i think it depends on the type of sailing shoes the bow person is wearing. some are more slippery than others, so kneeling may be required. what type of sailing shoes does this bow person wear?
  5. it's not even april 1st yet.
  6. Seems cool the first starters are getting down the course quite well. Good boat speeds for all of them the first 24 hours.
  7. to be more technical, its "gladiateur".
  8. everything was looking good for a recommendation on the southern west coast of the u.s., right up until you said "a grand-$1,500". ...take the rent variable away, and long beach and san diego would have foiling boats and nearby airports.
  9. is the mast permanently pre-bent just above the gooseneck? when i place a straight-edge on the picture, it appears to have an inch or so of pre-bend.
  10. beautiful looking boat...short mast though.
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