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  1. I did show him that page! He didn't seem to care. I am messaging him now asking for photos and he seems to just be forwarding me arabic images.. The yard builds boat under the name Al Khattal Marine
  2. Haha well yes....sorry for the delay. I finally let me in but changed his mind on letting me take photos. Despite that YouTube video labelling it an abandoned boat area it is actually a boat builder that currently builds for the government, hence why not photos are allowed. They are taking legal action against the video makers. I have his number and am communicating with him to send me photos that he has taken himself. There is a large semi-repaired hole in the port float but I wouldn't call it an end game damage. The front bows seems to have 'split' but only but a cm or so.
  3. Big update. I’m there now, after some deliberation he is coming back in five mins to show me in. hold for pictures later today
  4. Yes, I will try and get in there this week. Depends if they let me through the gate or not.
  5. Looks like a cool trimaran. Quite the angles
  6. Only a few more days until my trip to Dubai...I will try and get there on Sunday arvo, jet lag pending.
  7. What a shame. Well, after not too long on Google Maps I have found it at 25°12'24.0"N 55°20'03.4"E. I will try and get in but of course no promises they will let me get past the front gate :).
  8. Oddly enough I am going to Dubai next week. If anyone is able to track down the location I will head along and get more footage.
  9. A better shot at 11:25 confirms thats it I think.
  10. Hi I just went to update an old thread but it is archived. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/169884-looking-for-rogue-wave/ I think I just spotted it at 33sec's in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxow2CIvZ5Q
  11. The sailing world will still benefit, the local exposure will amp up a few more Burlings & Tukes to continue on the NZ dominance!
  12. There is an archived thread which talks about this boat more, but here are some family photos we have of Bootlegger in Dubai when it was owned by Bill Baker. My dad is racing on it in these photos, out of Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC). That other thread has confirmed it an being called Sylph now and probably still in Oman?
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