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  1. Only Wayne is missing in the pictures.
  2. he said he knows a lot about CNC. Prob watching his brothers working hard from his mom's view angle You gave away an excellent business idea. Wayne tells that to the family now.
  3. https://industryeurope.com/sectors/transportation/british-car-industry-sees-biggest-sales-slump-in-over-half-a/ British Car Industry Sees Biggest Sales Slump In Over Half A Century Will Waynes family´s CNC company survive? Wayne does nothing except keep sucking both moms tits
  4. Ford doesn't need so much as they like to rust. A floating tin
  5. http://www.courseaularge.com/vendee-globe-guillaume-verdier-cela-paye-davoir-un-bateau-polyvalent.html?fbclid=IwAR3_ysCkTcI3GTel1WzWg5F08fxIEfa2CSLVoECgYelSCdsDuAIKH7TUiEs Vendée Globe. Guillaume Verdier: "It pays to have a versatile boat!" January 15, 2021 Share Facebook Twitter Guillaume Verdier with his team is at the forefront of the news with his boats: On the Vendée Globe, we owe him the design of the new generation
  6. https://www.prysmianoceanracing.com/news/the-home-straight-for-giancarlo-and-the-1-click-1m-of-cable-projects/ https://electriciens-sans-frontieres.org/ Enough to click on Pedote social networks. https://www.facebook.com/giancarlopedote75/ https://www.giancarlopedote.it/ At the bottom of the page, one can find social networks.
  7. I'm more of an introvert too. It is nothing wrong with that as it helps to deal with the environment.
  8. Cropped too much earlier. The view of Doldrums. Doldrums winds still strong the whole week. Once past Doldrums, some nice 15kt breeze up to Canaria.
  9. Checked again and it is 1400 report date. p.s it is now 1700.. still no difference in Saturday 1300 forecast.
  10. West side not good.. even Burton may pass Yannick.
  11. Nope, I aim to please PC users with pictures.
  12. it was some complaints that some can't read the bigger text therefore I post plain text as well. I cannot please everyone
  13. (i missed one thing. The new foilers start to make difference once winds start over 15kn.) Vendée Globe. Nobody can say who will win, everything has to be done again for the leaders! An unprecedented, historic situation in this ninth Vendée Globe! While 81% of the course is in the wake of the top five, there are hardly any gaps between them at all. And very little with the four boats that follow them. With 4600 miles from the finish, no one can tell who will win! Never seen. Louis Burton on Bureau Vallée is wound up like a clock. He can believe it too !. Incredible: to
  14. The rabbit invested in lightweight shoes.
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