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  1. maloner


    @airfly sounds like we have the same issue - unable to download tracks since Aug. I think it happened when they announced the feature of customisable screens. Unfortunatly top button (for line) stopped working for me shortly after when I complained to support!
  2. maloner


    Anybody having problems with Vakaros 1? I have done 3 regattas with mine and after each regatta a new issue arises, most recent issue is that the top button (which you need to work in order to ping line) is not working. Other issues include the Download track not working, and charge port failing - which Vakaros Support tell me cannot be fixed. They want me to spend $400 on a new device that has not even done one season (by the time I pay for EU VAT, import duty and shipping charges how much is it really going to be?) - would be interested in what others experience is - it looks to me like the
  3. maloner


    Has anyone tried this new software, is the ability to download track available? I'd like to connect a paddlewheel & load cell on Bluetooth- does the live telemetry update support this? Has anyone seen release notes on how to connect external sensors? Tks... Newby anarchist
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