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  1. In one of the earlier Bunbury races, slamming along half way down we heard a twaaaannng. Didn’t notice until the morning that a few strands on the port lower had popped. Got a spare brought down, Lowered the rig on the mooring, removed the spreader, put it back together again and got line + handicap honours for the race home.
  2. Corinthian effort with 4 bowman and whoever was up the front at the time something happened got that job, closest to the mast got mast etc. all 4 of us were competent. Owner is my old man so I had a vested interest in unfucking things
  3. Geraldton to Fremantle in 2007. Started with a strong wind warning that turned into a gale warning with winds and swell hitting us at 90 degrees on the starboard side. Peak gust of 64 knots with 6m swell and combined 10m seas and swell. Rather horrendous 20 hours with nowhere to hide. Couldn’t see the bow during the squalls. Many of the crew never sailed again. I decided that would be my last offshore race. 2002 Fremantle to Geraldton. Thunderstorms so thick you could see the flashing down below with eyes shut. Similar swell but only 25-30 knots 2008 Fremantle to Bunbury and return. Rounded the mark in Bunbury and heading back to Fremantle at 1 in the morning. Mast head assy up and full mail. Get out of the protected water and the kite explodes. Try to get it down and the halyard has skinned itself and gets jammed around 5m down....18m to go...No volunteers to go and get it so throw the harness on and up I go very quickly as the boat is rolling around in the now 25-30 knots. Must have gone up and down in less than a minute. Fired the halyard and got flung back to the deck and straight over the side to throw my guts up. That was my last ocean race.
  4. Swanno

    Cunt of the week

    Imagine if our leader treated people like people rather than just if they were like his daughters.
  5. Swanno

    Luna Rossa poor sportsmanship

    I guess you’re new to America’s Cup? The 132 years of rule changing before Australia 2 won wasn’t too flash from a sportsmanship side of things either.
  6. Swanno

    Corona Virus

    We had 1 case of community transmission in Western Australia last weekend. We were locked down for a week. Now we need to wear masks for a week. Back to normally back to normal next weekend trusting we don’t have any more cases.
  7. Swanno

    Team NYYC

    I for one was happy to finally see an American team that didn’t just reek of assholes. Terry was a great bloke to have in front of the cameras and the intimate videos behind the scenes I found quite fascinating. Certainly a shame to see them go down in straight sets but that’s the game. A shame for Dean and some of the comments on this forum are disgusting, even for Anarchy.
  8. Swanno

    Prada Cup

    Lucky 1987, 2000 and 2003 weren't when the America's Cup was 'big in global terms'
  9. Swanno

    Team NYYC

    Slam any ultra light displacement day sailor boat down from 30 foot and I am sure some shit will break.
  10. Swanno

    Team NYYC

    Glad they couldnt dump the main any more - Dean and the leeward helm would be wiped off.
  11. Swanno

    Team NYYC

    What a great video. So unlike America’s Cup
  12. Swanno

    Prada Cup

    Amazing they kept it afloat. I wonder if something internally became dislodged and sent through? I would have thought the slam would push the hull inwards and not smash a rectangle out.
  13. Swanno

    Prada Cup

    Amazing they kept it afloat
  14. Swanno

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Give him one for me too
  15. Swanno

    Container suggestions?

    Generally the cheap shipping containers are cheap because they are rusting. They need a fair degree of maintenance to ensure they don't rust out. We have some at work (admittedly we are south of Fremantle in Western Australia) that are so rusty that they cannot be lifted any more and need to be emptied to be cut up. Saying that, they are a good option though throw on a pitched corrugated roof (I don't know if it is a thing in the states) just to aid the water run off and buy a tin of rust converter paint and keep it touched up. It should outlast Trump.