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  1. Simply unable to book if you’re under 39 in Western Australia. Semi retired boomer having a moan. Who would have thought? Moan Moan Moan I’m so entitled moan moan moan. You’ve fucked up enough. Time to sit down and shut up
  2. Remember when those old people on that cruise ship flew around the country and spread it all around? Those same old people can now be fully vaccinated yet us under 40’s are still waiting for our turn. Shut the fuck up
  3. Many early English leaders would ask you to hold their beers
  4. Did Perth to Broome and back a few months back! Certainly lots of unseasonal moisture up there!
  5. 45,000 at the footy last night. The halfwittery of the WA government is real disadvantage. Just about to head out for a bush walk with the wife and kids. Wettest July in 20+ years means the waterfalls are cranking. The isolation of Perth sucks so bad.
  6. Few million people over here listen to him. He has done a good job in allowing us to do pretty much whatever we want. Must admit that I think we will have a lockdown in the not too distant future when one of you dirty easterners comes across. until then, I am looking forward to going to the footy tomorrow night. Should be quite a crowd.
  7. 130+ in NSW with almost half out and about in the community Numbers keep going up though at a slower rate. Does COVID transmit via focal matter? It seems to spread pretty quickly through those with their head up their arse.
  8. Have a look at Jimmy Rees on youtube and his Brighton series....
  9. I must admit that i read very little content on the front page, I just look at the pictures. Call me simple but it seems to help me bypass the shit that the old winging pom (making an assumption based on the moaning) Shackel Spinner and the 'back in my day' Hancock dribble. They both may dislike me or not even know i exist? Couldn't give the slightest shit either way. Personally, I thought Clean ran a good show here, and fully understand why his place and the page went separate ways. How are your girls going by the way, Clean? Also understand that Scot needs content on the fr
  10. So it sound like the customer (the Australian Government) was being a Karen during the initial negotiations so Pfizzer decided to do what pretty much any business would do and give minimal effort to the shit heads when they have a sort after product Kruddy has called up and said, look, yeah the government is a pack of useless twats so i cant speak for them, but for everyone else, can you please help? He then sent the book "how to say please and thankyou to Scotty from Marketing. Scomo, too busy scrolling through ancestory.com, got his secretary to call Pfizzer who remembered to say
  11. Back to normal over in WA again. No masks. Glad we had that short and sharp lock down. Be interesting to see the crowd at the footy tonight considering the weather is meant to be atrocious. It is quite a concern though I think Norf will win.
  12. A pay check is a pay check
  13. Good to see they the NSW method of managing the virus is working
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