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  1. Does it include the girl? Just asking for a friend.
  2. If this is intended to slow the boom in a gybe then do you think that the line laying against itself in this configuration will chaffe or burn? I do not think that the brake in No.2 above places the line in contact like this. In many years of rock climbing, using standard figure 8's for repelling I never doubled the line. I have never used a rescue 8 like the one in this picture either so perhaps its a non issue and I just dont know better. My 8's were soon replaced with tubers and ATC's as tech improved in climbing gear.
  3. That will buff out. The light makes this one collectible.
  4. That shiney round thing between the helms is the cover for the emergency tiller. There is likely a big L shaped metal bar in the lazerette that fits into a socket. The big problem though is that if the steering cables or chains get fouled and you dont know how to access them then your not going to steer with the emergency tiller anyway.
  5. https://charleston.craigslist.org/boa/d/summerton-30ft-classic-lancer-with/7412308511.html Seems to be missing something, I just cant put my finger on what it could be though.
  6. Sure. Hows this. I have never changed a diaper in my life but I have changed hundreds of bloody bandages. Most of the blood has been my own. I enjoy Westerns and James Bond movies but not movies about war or horror movies with lots of killing. I really don't like being around children especially screamers yet I don't mind a barking dog. Thats just the way it is. Childbirth really has no point in my life.
  7. When I was a teenager, one neighbor bought an old wooden boat with a small cabin. Like a 18-20 ft Chris Craft and when it became to expensive to repair he made it into a playhouse for his children. Cut the bottom off and set it in the yard. All the young neighborhood kids had a heck of a play fort/boat and went on incredible adventures.
  8. A friend of mine has 3 daughters who are all back country guides in Svalbard. While I have a standing invitation to visit and go out on week long camping trips, I still have a desire to not be cold. But still it is a place where I will definitely visit.
  9. Fresh water warmed and scented, please. or course this is black water and would contribute to filling the tank too.
  10. On my boat with a 40 liter tank. The poo will come out the vent pipe and run down the side of the boat before anything explodes. Some people fill it more than others. One friend seemed to take a shit every 2 hours. it did not take long to fill the tank. YMMV.
  11. I used sikaflex 292i on my DST 800. one year later no issues.
  12. one other small bit of advice. The orientation of the cables and T fittings. Dicks out front. or "pointy things forward" I made sure that the connectors and cables were oriented with the pins pointing towards the bow. This eliminated any screwups with cables run the wrong way, and kept all the cables oriented the same.
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