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  1. Well this guy from the mill and coal mine suburbs of Pittsburgh is getting his mind blown. I arrived in Porto Montenegro marina this morning. Last night I anchored across the bay at Sveti Marko which is a nice little island a few k's from Tivat. In any case I was a bit delayed entering the marina because some big ass boat called Schezerade was busy blocking the marina entrance and tying up to the mole. That fat bastard finally got out of the way and I got Divergent into the marina. So I spent today in town getting a haircut and groceries. Noticed a big sailboat on the adjacent pier and
  2. Getting upset and angry about entertainment is loosing.
  3. https://youtu.be/RFSquGar9Rc Albania. That soft spot in the baguette that was under the armpit of the old woman on the metro this afternoon. You know its there and you want to avoid it. Seriously this country screems of "If you build it, they will come" the problem is that someone has to build it. Its an amazingly friendly country, the people are incredible and want to be a normal functioning society where people can make money and enjoy life. Politics will change, and success will develop across the land. This is a place of opportunity it just looks like concrete and sm
  4. Should have spent their money on rigging instead of camera gear to become u-tube stars. She does have a nice ass though, and a pleasant voice. Its entertainment to us, and there are plenty of fools to watch.
  5. Peat has taken to live aboard life very well. I think its because he likes to be with me, or he's just that dam cool.
  6. Hello Everybody! I am now anchored in the bay of Sarande Albania, and yes this jewel of the Med is just what you would expect. Well Jewel is probably not the right word, maybe gravel??? On May 14th Greece opened up recreational sailing which was my cue to leave if you remember my agreement with the local police about overstaying my Schengen 90 day limit. So I went to see the friendly local policeman to say thankyou for letting me stay and will you please stamp my passport to leave. His response was Oh yeah I remember you, I'm now going to fine you for overstaying your visa, 1200 euro
  7. If there ain't no bikini shots we ain't watching.
  8. So this came up in my feed. Very intense, I had a similar storm in October 2019 in Greece. These two managed well.
  9. So just how much urine is in that river? Makes you think dont it?
  10. Time to sell the boat. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I have no will to go on.
  11. Come on, theyre U-tubers. Look for the episode where they tell you that the best thing that they have ever done to their boat was to add a Solararchdingydavitsand5000lbsoflithium. Its the episode right after the one where they swam with pigs and explained that "Provisioning" is just like a trip to the supermarket but a superfancyyachtieterm.
  12. So I see you sell alot of junk to Hipsters.
  13. I just hope that there will be no bikini thumbnails and sexual pandering.
  14. Says he needs the boat 1 weekend a month. Hmmmmm. What does his side chick do on the other weekends? Do I get half ownership with her?
  15. So let me ask this of the collective hive mind. Lets say you are planning a Med to Caribbean trip in the next 2 - 3 years. You currently own a 43' production boat with only a main and simple jib in you sail locker. No pole, but your boat has winches, tracks and cars fitted, a robust attachment at the bow, and a spare halyard at the ready. You are not single handing the big crossing but that is your normal situation. My initial thoughts are a cable less furling asymmetrical spinnaker. EX Onesails, or Fulstrom from Elvstrom. This keeps you out of the DDW plan, but is that a real
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