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  1. Not uncommon in Germany (the first one will be earned, the others are probably honary degrees), still 4 by the age of 35 is good going........ If he has two PhDs, you're supposed to address him as "Herr Dr. Dr." After that it's "Herr Dr. Mult." But, yeah, anyone who stays in the ivory towers long enough to get a PhD probably has psychological issues
  2. Bit optimistic to think he'll get close enough to the coast to be able to receive CG assistance no?
  3. I'm in Panama now looking to go thru the canal in the next month or two and as my mast is in a tarbancle, and the minimum required speed for the canal (5 knots) is a touch above my comfort zone I've been looking at trucking the boat over quite closely. There was apparently a guy trucking boat from the Rio Dulce to the Pacific for a while. From what I can make out it's probably not possible for less than about $4000, which isn't really competitive with the canal, even if you price in a separate haul-out .... Anything marine related including boat transportation tends to be pretty spendy in
  4. I've been using open plotter with a pi 3B+ and now a pi 4 together with ais/gps input from the VHF. 95% of the time I use it via a touchscreen mounted just inside the companionway. Occasionally I'll login via VNC from a laptop. At anchor I connect via an Ethernet cable to a WIFI booster I haul up the mast and it serves as a WIFI hotspot for the boat, what's not to like. It's got me 1/3 of the way round the world so far. Tiller pilot has become a bit doddery and lost its marbles, so currently trying to get pilot working on it as well to take over
  5. Dylan, Sorry, this is probably very obvious, but do you have a high thrust prop on the tohatsu? The tohatsu sail pro (basically the same motor as yours) normally comes with large 6" pitch, 3 bladed prop. Otherwise Solas sell aftermarket high thrust 4 bladed props with either 5" or 7" pitch. I would have thought with a 6 HP and the right prop you should be able to get to hull speed, even if the Fisher isn't the most svelte boat around.... Maybe worth optimising ?
  6. You'd be surprised how many people decide to build a boat, launch it, and then realize that while they like the idea of sailing, actual sailing (as opposed to watching it on YouTube) is a bit of a drag. Doug hasn't launched yet, so he could still cut and run, and be ahead of the curve....
  7. Great plan, because more humidity and condensation is just what you want in inside steel boat right? If you do it right, chipping rust and your other essential upgrades should keep you busy enough that you won't get bored enough to be tempted to go sailing, or do any of the other stupid, stupid things people do with boats.
  8. You mean the Unicat maybe? https://duckworks.com/unicat-2-4-plans/ Almost as unsightly as a deflatable, so it least it has that going for it.......
  9. Amazing boat (also has dyneema rigging). More info on the woodenboat forum, search for "ketch Julia" if your interested.....
  10. Bob and Evens are probably far too bourgeoisie to bother him. Communists are normally far more interested in turning on their own kin. So being the good socialist that he is, Rob is, quite correctly, focused on ferreting out and eliminating his fellow travelers that are deviating from the true path. He probably just thought he detected the vile stench of Trotskyism in some of Dylans videos.......
  11. "Headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay. What could possibly go wrong?" Nothing, until he actually needs to make a claim, but as I understand he only needs a bit of paper so he can launch the boat, not make a claim... I thought insurance was invented to keep us in (relative) poverty and to keep pen-pushers off our backs, am I missing something?
  12. Somewhat sidetracked with other projects (and rugrats?), but they've been doing a refit with plans to go north (Greenland? Spitsbergen?) next summer I believe...
  13. I've got what I think is an identical 75 lbs luke "storm" anchor on a similar sized steel boat (inherited if from the (experienced) PO together with a 44 lbs genuine Bruce main bower (since relegated to s backup)). Early on I added a 6 kg aluminium Vetus (A fortress style clone) kedge anchor, but to be honest, it's been a bit of a disappointment to date. I've had it fail to develop enough holding to kedge me off in two estuary's/lagoons with soft mud bottoms (in its defense this was probably operator error as I had it set to the 37 degree angle, probably 45 degrees would have worked better).
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