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  1. It’s not about being shrewd. It’s about having a choice.
  2. How are you disconnecting the pilot so I doesn’t drag?
  3. There was no decision that wouldn’t be disliked by some. This may placate the majority... or not. I don’t hate it
  4. I can’t find anything that says it does so I assume it doesn’t
  5. I’m thinking of something like this: https://www.mauriprosailing.com/us/product/WIC7555.html
  6. I see on the mini 6.50 and some of the larger shorthanded racers that the tiller extension is held up by a rubber mount of sone sort like you would see on a dinghy. Any advantages to this ?
  7. Cockpit reminds me of a Colgate 26 but with cusions.
  8. This is so much bullshit. No asterisk, no one was forced to stop. They were ahead of the worst of the front and anyone who wasn’t was justified in stopping.
  9. Not to mention the language barrier and vhf range to communicate all this amongst themselves.
  10. That's a strong accusation to publicly state based on 'good authority' second hand gossip.
  11. You're saying Hydroxychloroquine worked? That's awesome!
  12. Wow, that makes it tougher to develop a strategy once you’re past the first 24 hrs or so
  13. That’s interesting. I assumed they would have more accurate and localized info than shown to us.
  14. Bold move by Irina. Looks like she's trying to pick up a channel of stronger wind along the coast if you can trust the wind info. May as well try it as she has nothing to lose. Has 4th place and is almost 200 miles ahead of 5th place.
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