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  1. Then he couldn't get his 15 minutes of fame!
  2. I have had really good experience with Humana Advantage. Surgeries, heart problems, E room visits and very little out of pocket. But... I don't travel and haven't had to cross that bridge needing care out of network. I pay $48/month in addition to medicare and no hassles.
  3. Absolutely. It may even instil some sense of community. A lot of European countries have a national service requirement, but mostly for the men.
  4. Just in time works wonders in some locals as here in KY we are taxed on inventory.
  5. Why would vaccine verification be any different than verifying age to purchase alcohol. I am 75 and STILL get carded at the liquor store. Don't do that and the employee and business are at risk of fines and jail time here in KY.
  6. Definitely the kind of place my cardiologists wants me to stay away from!!! Damn, a la mode and whipped cream. I am already salivating!
  7. His Excellency Drumpf Sure would feed his psych.
  8. Everything tfg does smells like what comes out the backside of a baboon.
  9. Yep, and the the kid pops out, magic the Pop, (Dad) disappears never to be seen again. Who do you think will help raise the kid through some government program??? A lot of 'unwanted children grow up to be a problem to society. Not all of course, but....
  10. Absolutely bring back the draft. Draftees could also be used for disaster duties, not just cannon fodder.
  11. Isn't that what the germans did in WWII and the communists strongly encourage? Hard to tell them apart anymore. (Texans or the commies or Nazis for that)
  12. AS they should have already.
  13. This pretty much sums up what is going on around here. (Louisville, KY). https://news.yahoo.com/kentucky-governor-says-hed-issue-231105633.html Went into a restaurant last night to pick up my order and the place was crowded. I was the ONLY one in the place with a mask! Around here it is a real mixed bag. Some stores/restaurants the workers wear masks and the plastic shields are still in place. Others - it looks pre-pandemic. Why some of these legislatures hamstring people trying to do the right things is something I will never understand.
  14. Gee whiz, you have to communicate on the reader's level after all!
  15. Yes, if you trust on line transactions. I take special precautions dealing on line. Shouldn't have to. If one gets caught diddling with the mail they risk serious jail time. Screw someone on the web seems to be the in thing, and oh well the victim should have known better.
  16. Squatters, carpet baggers, Trumps Tramps, homeless, or all of the above? Just pack their shit up and leave at the curb!
  17. B-Safe I have to agree with your description of WINNING a war. The problem today is that the world's nations are so interdependent that that type of war if not already is becoming impractical without inflicting severe problems at home.
  18. Ah but you have missed a point. In so ruining Chinese ability to trade extra-china, we would be killing off ourselves as well. We depend on them as much if not more to keep our lifestyles in place. The American selfishness and need for instant self gratification does not lend itself to self sacrifice easily. The last time it did was perhaps WWII.
  19. Boy, at that rate it will take them over 6 months to get everyone on board. Of course we know that will never happen.
  20. Well if your under 18 it's ancient!!
  21. There is little doubt that American hegemony has been on the wane for years. The world has become tired of our international interference. I guess it is China's turn. And it shall come to pass that they will suffer the same fate in the future.
  22. As they should. In any case they are missing an opportunity to create more false stories on the peaceful demonstration of 6 Jan
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