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  1. True potentially, although there is precident in having the same class of yacht for more than one cycle though. How did they manage to keep the IACC around for so many cycles?
  2. I'm not sure it's about controlling past this Cup (well at least not the main reason) it does make a lot of sense if you are trying to attract new teams though. Knowing that you can invest then carry that investment on into a second cycle will be a much better investment than a one and done affair. On the other hand it might also signal that the first cup will be held between two team who are hapyp to sign back up to the ac75 class no matter who wins for a second go round with a few more competitors,. This would also make sense with the one boat only rule, not much time to build two boa
  3. I think this is more a "keep the team together without spending squillions" rule than specifically anti EB. Pete, Blair and the rest of the team have just seen their value plummet in the labour market. Team NZ can probably pick up Nathan Outteridge for a cheap price too...
  4. Latest wind predictions from Predictwind as below. Looks right on the limit to get a race off... That is the best app I've found for local info and it is officially tied into the America's Cup using all the sensors around the gulf...
  5. The oil locally is that this is the last Am Cup in NZ even if ETNZ win. Apparently they are sick of the lack of support from the govt, particularly after the shitshow that was the recent enquiry into their spending and will look elsewhere...
  6. Was down at Wynyard yesterday just as they were lifting TR out. Here's the best photos I could get of the foils
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