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  1. Exocets are foam core. What moths are nomex?
  2. so how far north do I have to go to get a 505?
  3. sounds like socialism... can we get some of that?
  4. why don't you just leave the stern line off and let the boat go downwind, only attached by the bowline. When you are ready to leave, untie the bow, push the tiller, backwind the main, and go astern until you are far enough from the dock
  5. How bad would a FD be as a club boat?
  6. Look at the L/D curve for any foil. You can get a small amount of lift and cause only an insignificant increase in Cd. You already have the rudder there (and sized for other constraints, like tacking) so why not offload a little bit of lift from the main board that is operating in the draggier part of the L/D regime?
  7. How would a nozzle with that same cage in front and back be any more dangerous? and obviously performance must factor in in some manner, or you would be using 5 hp engines
  8. This design looks rather poor. If you want to try and retain some performance, the part around the perimeter of the prop should be a solid ring, and as close to the prop as feasible.
  9. nevermind the fact that one of them is a windsurf sail
  10. When reading thread discussions regarding weight what weight ranges qualify as Light Weight, Medium Weight, Heavy Weight for singlehanding an A cat; or single or doublehanding an f16?
  11. You don't want to pick and choose what counts as political or not. If you don't want people calling out obvious BS hero worship, then don't post that. But don't blame people for seeing it for what it is.
  12. neat, a picture of my boat made it into the thread
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