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  1. The C8 is just a fancy toy, exactly the kind of thing I denigrated above. The 50T seems to just be a model (took me a while to realize the actual boat was supposed to be 50', the visual scale was close enough to a single seat race boat I just assumed that was what is was) The Navier boat is still just a render, and with mediocre specs to boot: "speeds up to 30 knots, with a range of 75 nautical miles at 20 knots, and can carry a maximum of 10 passengers." Except for the electric drive, the jetski thing looks even less advanced than the 1970s era dynafoil. Yeah, that is
  2. Thanks. That ferry is pretty much exactly what I was talking about, someone using the AC tech for an actually viable project. Only wish it had more details on the foil operation and specs. AFAIK, the Talaria IV predates the foiling AC by quite a bit, although the operating principles (hydraulic control, fully immersed foils) are the same. I wonder if the fact he used a bayliner worked in his favor or against it. PS, whenever I see a post by snaggletooth, this is what I imagine:
  3. There looks to be a bit of white material added on to the decksweeper foot. Perhaps that is some of the missing .24 sq meters?
  4. No, seriously, is there stuff I have been missing out on? All the foiling powerboats I have seen seem to be luxury items with little technical innovation. They would be interesting if not for the fact that they price themselves out of actually getting made and sold and used. Seriously, surface piercing foils? is this 1960? Is anyone actually applying knowledge gained from the americas cup and other foiling sailboats?
  5. yes. alternatively, all my sources may just be 30 years old.
  6. Something suitable for a platform weight of two tons or so, cruise speed of 30 kn, max speed of 50. I'd like to see something trickle down into powerboats. Besides those goofy little electric runabouts has there been any development of powered hydrofoils in the past 30 years?
  7. That photo of a childrens swing-set constructed from a carbon L-foil got me thinking: what happens to all these cutting edge parts when they aren't so cutting edge? Would it be possible for I, Joe Schmoe, to get my hands on an obsolete/nicked up/de-rated set for a pittance?
  8. You seem a bit harsh on the OP. His description of the PROs actions seems pretty neutral, and at no point does he deride them, nor suggest bitching. He seems much more interested in what to do in general terms.
  9. how could an 8 meter boat have a minimum weight of 12 tons?
  10. The last time I looked at the class documents they made it sound like there was an established mechanism for measuring in wood boats. Weren't Optis originally designed to be built from a sheet and a half of plywood? The panels are all pretty flat, should be easy to develop... I may be naive but I don't really see the issue here.
  11. Henry Kissinger is still alive, and somehow, not in prison in an effort to keep this thread on track: https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/boa/d/fort-lauderdale-macgregor-65-pilot/7354128221.html
  12. Whats your budget? would be quite simple to turn on even a manual lathe.
  13. Did you try telling them about this instead of random strangers on the internet?
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