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  1. ziper1221

    Prop guards on junior sailing chase boats

    How would a nozzle with that same cage in front and back be any more dangerous? and obviously performance must factor in in some manner, or you would be using 5 hp engines
  2. ziper1221

    Prop guards on junior sailing chase boats

    This design looks rather poor. If you want to try and retain some performance, the part around the perimeter of the prop should be a solid ring, and as close to the prop as feasible.
  3. ziper1221

    Craigslist Finds

    nevermind the fact that one of them is a windsurf sail
  4. When reading thread discussions regarding weight what weight ranges qualify as Light Weight, Medium Weight, Heavy Weight for singlehanding an A cat; or single or doublehanding an f16?
  5. ziper1221

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    You don't want to pick and choose what counts as political or not. If you don't want people calling out obvious BS hero worship, then don't post that. But don't blame people for seeing it for what it is.
  6. How can it be flexible and stiff?
  7. ziper1221

    When Monsters Ruled the Beach

    neat, a picture of my boat made it into the thread
  8. ziper1221

    It's not a bug, it's a feature

    can a fisherman be held liable for laying traps down the middle of a marked channel?
  9. ziper1221

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    The biggest difference would be the shape of the blades. On a regular prop they have that teardrop shape, on a ducted prop you would want more area further out, effectively the same thing as taking a larger prop and turning it down on a lathe. What do you mean by this? kill cord that is attached the powerboat driver? What happens when they need to set a mark? Can you elaborate on this? as long the jet nozzle can be turned to the same angle as the outboard, shouldn't the turning ability be the same?
  10. ziper1221

    what’s missing? on front page

    i hope i get run over first
  11. I'm trying to get this f16 catamaran fixed up, but there are quite a few spots where there are square voids that match the underlaying fiberglass weave. I can't tell if it is paint or gelcoat, although it does not have that characteristic gelcoat sanding dust smell. Was this part of the boat from the factory, just hidden from the surface, or a process that has occurred since then? What could've caused it? poor laminate cohesion, resin starvation, or just the paint breaking down over time and coming out in chunks? And more importantly, what can I do to fix it? fairing compound seems too thick, it doesn't fill the holes completely. I have some high build primer but am not yet ready to spray, will it work? thanks all.
  12. ziper1221

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    seems like you could use a boom or at least move the sheet point a little aft
  13. ziper1221

    Jury awards $6 million in favor of Bruce Kirby

    Is that true that there is no copyright on hull shapes? I was under the impression that boatbuilders would often take a mold directly off a competitors boat -- but also add an extra foot of length, or maybe a hull step in order to avoid any legal troubles.
  14. ziper1221

    Solo Sailor Found Dead