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  1. Nice action shot. Is that Flag as well?
  2. It may be too much a luxury for you to bother with given the wiring PITA, but on our boat we have the windlass powered by the house battery and wired through the helm pedestal to a switch below the chartplotter. In a pinch, I can raise or set the anchor solo without leaving the helm. I know you single-hand a bunch and if you're planning on sailing her well into retirement, it may be worth the up-front hassle.
  3. @trucdesign That's gorgeous. What's the boat, and what's the color? Agreed with @accnickthat my flag blue looks totally different from @Sail4beer's. Curious what the deal is there.
  4. Nice-looking color. Do you know what it is? @Bob Perry I promise the moment I'm rich enough to afford a sistership to Quail, you'll be the first to know.
  5. We have a Jabsco Quiet Flush and a 30-gallon holding tank. Between my wife and me, we typically last a bit less than a week before getting pumped out while cruising. Nine gallons of holding tank capacity doesn't sound like a cruiser to me.
  6. @MSA 02129, welcome aboard - nice looking boat. We keep our boat at Hawthorne Cove in Salem, both summer and winter, and will be using their new paint shop, largely because we've had them do a ton of work for us over the last twelve months and have found they've gotten a lot better on project management (they have a couple of new team members who are dedicated to managing customer projects, and they did a good job last winter on a whole bunch of work for me, after struggling previously with a leaner staff). That said, they're new at painting, and so they don't have the same record that so
  7. Thanks guys. @Cruisin Loser, is that Aristo as well? And @Veeger, is that S&S? One of the things that hadn't occurred to me until I started googling around for other paint threads is how much a lighter blue like S&S could hide scratches, compared to the Flag Blue that we've got today. I'm assuming Aristo may be closer to Flag than S&S in this regard. We have a decent number of scratches from our marina's launch (and from being too close to other mooring balls) that I try to keep up with but show up again by the end of the season, to my great regret.
  8. Port Clyde, this past August. Looks like the folks offloading at the dock didn't get the memo. @bgytr, would love to see more pictures of that color - it looks a bit more royal-blue than our Flag Blue, but still pretty and traditional. But still looking for more blues!
  9. Of all the things I love about our boat, the color scheme has never been one of them; something about it seemed a bit too boy-racer to me. Now it's time to redo our topsides paint and I'm looking for inspiration. I'm a traditionalist and would go for Stars and Stripes with a gold cove stripe if it were up to me, but Mrs. ChrisJD thinks that's too traditional. Anyone got any brilliant suggestions, other than the standard navy-with-white or navy-with-gold? Possibly more of a grayish-blue than just blue (though I've seen some lovely royal blue boats as well)? Here she was five seasons ag
  10. He said something similar about the boards he uses at Nazare in a brief aside in The 100-Foot Wave. (On HBO Max and highly recommended.) There’s so much turbulence on those faces, I don’t understand how anyone gets down them in one piece.
  11. But will my heavier-displacement surfboard be safer at Jaws?
  12. Fall in New England is walking season. Time to work off all those Dark n Stormy’s.
  13. Clueless person's question here: as someone who doesn't ever sail with crew, nor crews with others - on my boat it's just my wife and me, co-captains - what are "crew positions"? Is it typical when doing passages with (motley, volunteer, persuaded-with-alcohol-and-the-promise-of-a-good-time) crew to actually assign positions or roles? I always assumed it was just the captain, the owner (if not the captain), and everyone pretty much takes turns on watches.
  14. For me, my sailboat was a "have to have" purchase: I've been working literally my entire adult life for the singular goal of being able to support my sailing habit, and given how hard I work, I wouldn't be able to convince myself to keep it up if I filched on the reward I'd promised myself at the outset. BUT, I also wouldn't mind a motor boat buddy to keep my sailboat company - which is a strictly "nice to have" purchase. If the market stays strong and used boat prices are stable, I'll happily continue to sail up and down the coast. If the market turns and some folks need to unload their
  15. God - when these first god announced, I so wanted one. They were obviously vaporware even then, but... https://www.charterworld.com/news/65m-luxury-undersea-yach-phoenix-1000-submarines
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