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  1. For a bit more privacy you might look at something like a Ford Transit Connect. There are oodles of them, ex-cargo service, with panels in the back, for under $10k; decent ground clearance, fleet maintained, much better fuel economy than an old Suburban, small enough to park anywhere, and a flat load floor.
  2. Unless outlet shopping is really your thing, I think you may find Portland more to your liking if you want to be in Maine. Freeport is largely a strip of outlet stores paralleling the highway.
  3. On the off chance that you hear back late, I'd still try to target spending the weekend in Portland, or at least Portsmouth NH, if you're trying to figure out where to put yourself. They're two hours and one hour, respectively, closer to Brooksville, and both are cute and filled with great places to stay, eat and poke around if you're bringing Mrs. and Ms. Hands with you.
  4. Any chance you could share a picture, sailbumm? We have a 402 as well, and have been lugging the dinghy up onto the foredeck because I don't like the look of davits on a boat of this size; if there's an attractive solution, I'd love to know about it.
  5. The loan payment on our boat is $1k a month. Other than insurance, I'm pretty sure it's the least expensive thing about her.
  6. I can never tell with sailors whether they'll care about food nor not - outside of family etc., it's the only thing I care about more than sailing - but if you do end up in Portland, it's one of the great restaurant cities in the country for its size, in case that's worth anything. Primo in Rockland (just down the coast from Camden) has a well-earned reputation, but not opening until next week.
  7. Camden Harbour Inn. One of my favorite hotels on earth.
  8. Have you been contacting banks directly or going through an agent? When we bought our (20-year-old) boat, we went through Sterling Associates at the recommendation of our buyer's agent, and they couldn't have been easier to work with. The actual loan was provided by a credit union, but that was pretty much transparent on the back end, as all of the interaction we had was with Sterling. And mind what you say about my boat's butt. Nothing wrong with being full-bodied.
  9. I usually use distilled white vinegar as fabric softener for clothes, sheets and towels, but avoided doing so with the lines, as one of the things I'd read online was a stern warning against using any cleaners with a pH below 7, and distilled vinegar is around a 2.5.
  10. My guess is it's more due to the 3400 and 3700 being newer while the Sabre 402s date from the 1990s. The Sabre 386 is probably more comparable to the Tartan 3700 in age and size and they tend to sell pretty quickly.
  11. I have a 1996 402. They’re great boats for coastal cruising and day sailing in my estimation - roomy, seakindly, pretty, with just a bit of weather helm that trims out well, and faster than a lot of contemporary cruisers - but a bit light on tankage for longer-term cruising, and the shoal draft versions (like mine) don’t point as well as I wished. Engine access under the galley counter is great for routine maintenance but a pain for more serious lifting out. Crazing was definitely an issue from the early 90s up until the early 2000s, and there are plenty of hulls still showing it; it’s an
  12. Manual agitation in warm water (drained and re-filled three times) did the trick. Thanks everyone!
  13. I know the OP doesn’t want to go north, but this really is exactly why Boston is good for sailing (at least four months out of the year). Our boat is in Salem; we’re ten minutes from our marina, 45 minutes to work downtown. There are four yacht clubs in Marblehead targeting all different types of members, if that’s your thing. And if you’re okay with apartment (or townhouse) living, you can live in Charlestown or the Seaport, have your boat ten minutes away, and have a fifteen-minute walk to work. Pity about the snow, cold, late spring, midsummer doldrums, obnoxious sports fans, NY-centri
  14. Thanks all. Looks like laundry room sink and some Oxi Clean is the recipe for starters.
  15. Doing some pre-splash inventory checks yesterday, I noticed that our dock lines (Samson double-braided nylon, for what it's worth) are stiff as hell after four seasons. Does anyone have any experience with or recommendations for washing them? I've seen advice running the gamut from "Just throw them out" to "Wash them just like jeans in the washing machine" to "Daisy chain them and put them in pillow cases and then wash them on gentle cycle with mild detergent but you'll still probably ruin the splices" - and "Only wash them in a top-load washing machine" as well as "Only wash them in a front
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