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  1. There may have been "a bit" of comfort below when the boat was new, but that was stripped out long ago. This video has a few scenes from below: Most J/125s have been modified to have two quarter berth bunks on each side. They are tight - affectionately referred to as the coffin. The settee is big enough to sleep on with a lee cloth. We have a single gimballed burner and its essentially camping. The previous owner removed all thru-hulls so no more plumbing and the head is now a bucket...
  2. Great Transpac video of J/125 Hamachi doing its thing across the Pacific: https://youtu.be/ILzBZFay6No
  3. She is indeed heading home. Tandem roadtrip with Reinrag2!
  4. Interesting! I learned only last week Hamachi's full history (J/125 Hull #6): it began as Raincloud, then became Aunt Jessie before being renamed Hamachi by the previous owner circa late 2012 / early 2013.
  5. Jason-Thanks for posting about your race.  I never reach out like this, but just want you to know I enjoyed following the race this year from my desk in Phoenix and am really impressed with the J/125's standings.  For your boat, it really started with the delivery video from SF to LA for me!  Good stuff.  

    I crew actively on a J/70 here in Az, but only have a few years familiarity with J Boats.  I learned much these past 5 weeks about the brand, that's for sure.  

    Best of luck!

    Your biggest fan in Az (some 49 yr old Insurance Agent wishing he were someplace else)




  6. Following my own post, there will be people who say "you need to adjust the rating, etc.". On behalf of all J/125's, I think it is important to put this race in perspective: this is not about rating. All four J/125's finished in front of all S/C 50s / 52s - uncorrected. Hamachi, at 41 ft, finished in 8 days 16 hours, compared to Merlin's 20 year record of 8 days 11 hours for a 68 ft boat. Sure, Hamachi started on the "right day", but with less than 200 miles to go she was sailing with Bad Pak and Peligroso (Kernan 70) to the finish. This is not about our race, but about what a J/125 can d
  7. Thank You! It was a shoot out with the other J/125s. Reflecting, there were two things that lead to the results: 1) it was perfect J/125 conditions: consistent 15-20 kts across the course that allowed us all to plane out before most of the other boats in the race and 2) we probably pushed Hamachi onto the step harder than everyone else other than Velvet Hammer to keep the average boat speed high. The J/125's started on the "right day" and were able to separate in the first 4 days with the blast reaching conditions. However, Bretwalda 3 (Rogers 46) was formidable throughout - congrats to th
  8. Hamachi has a PHRF of -3 and its an even fight against the other 40 footers in winds between 8-20 kts. Outside that range (in both light and heavy air) she can sail away from the fleet both up and downwind. We've owned her for 2.5 years and in that span have probably been in 40 races. Outside of this year's Transpac I can count on one hand how many times we were able to "send it" downwind. Given that we have spent most of our time going upwind I can confidently state that it does very well, it just takes time to learn how to dial it in for all of the different conditions.
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